Has the J-T hit a new low?


If that can be believed.  For what ever reason the J-T is removing anything that may speak badly of the Downtown today. Here is the story  http://journaltimes.com/news/local/first-fridays-looks-at-possibly-using-space-heaters/article_6995e4ba-5577-11e3-96fc-0019bb2963f4.html

the focus of most of the comments being removed is Ms Mary Osterman,  some spoke of not believing that this is not the beginning of a back door gig to get the City of Racine to pay for the Heaters, after all that is our duty right?

Some wanting to know about back taxes on the building (she rents for her business) owes, and one who questioned the ethics of Osterman and her receiving ads from CAR 25 when she (Osterman) is on the Cable Commission providing oversight, of the same folks creating the ads for her business. I like to know how much she paid if anything and how many others are taking out ads.

From what I saw all where removed, wow. Is the paper providing cover for Ms Osterman, Perhaps the City of Racine is asking for the comments to be removed? To keep the public from asking questions about yet another strange idea.

The J-T can do what they want on their Web Page. More power to them.

Makes it interesting very interesting.  Perhaps its now a high crime to question   activities in the Downtown or is it a crime to question the Good Old Boys pals of Mayor John Dickert?

Sadly for the J-T they may be on the verge of a shutdown, I think the public who the J-T needs to read the paper/ take out ads, are finding out that there are far more options the The Racine Journal Times.

4 Responses to Has the J-T hit a new low?

  1. this Mary Osterman Monte Osterman influence is tolerated at City Hall and one has to wonder why. Same applies for the tavern league chums Can Racine survive much more of this!

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    “When the temperatures get cold for First Fridays, the number of customers who come Downtown for the event tend to drop as well, said Mary Osterman, the chairman of First Fridays.
    The heaters would help warm the area, brighten it and add ambiance, she said. Possibly they could be used for other events as well, she said.”

    Isn’t the idea to get the potential customers INTO the store? Instead of standing around an out door heater?

    AND – IF the Common Council approves this questionable idea – who is liable when the inevitable accident happens? Some drunk or small child gets burned or hurt somehow? Will the taxpayers be on the hook yet again? Look at the endless lawsuits Lying John has already involved the taxpayers in!

    Osterman – who runs her business seemingly rent-free in a building which hasn’t had property taxes paid on for many years, claims that no taxpayer money is to be involved – REALLY? OR does she actually mean – WELL, no taxpayer money is involved now…. BUT in the future, after the idea gets approved….

    CCAP makes it clear that the Ostermans can’t be trusted and prudent people shouldn’t do business with them. PERIOD. A bad idea from untrustworthy people with a lying Mayor!

    Will the Racine Common Council, which NEVER comes to the plate to bat for the people, FINALLY do the right thing and say NO! to this nonsense? Don’t hold your breath waiting because the Racine Common Council still has NO BALLS! NO STRIKES! and NO OUTS!

  3. Mr. Racine says:

    Lee Enterprises Death Watch 2013
    By Don Pogreba
    Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

    I think I might have a future career as a media analyst. Last year, I wrote about the bind faced by the mismanagers of Lee Enterprises: desperate to deal with its incredible debt and burdened by the need to richly rewards it top executives, the newspaper chain has to reduce expenses, those expenses primarily consisting of the people who produce the news that gives Lee its marginal value. (Lee Enterprises is the parent corporation for the Montana dailies in Billings, Butte, Missoula, and Helena.)

    Today, on the heels of a 8% reduction in Lee staffing and an $88.5 million dollar quarterly loss, the St. Louis Business Journal quotes Ken Doctor, a media analyst, who explains the mess Lee is in:

    If the company continues to cut staff in order to make repayments, it risks diminishing its product to a point that readers won’t pay for it, he said.
    Lee reduced its average number of full-time equivalent employees by 8.3 percent in fiscal 2013 from the prior year.

    It’s pretty simple: when you don’t have enough reporters and editors to write and prepare news worth reading, eventually you’ll lose even the readers who may be just buying your paper out of habit.

    Back in April of 2012, Lee reduced its staffing by a similar amount, cutting full-time equivalent positions by 7.5%.

    Media consumers in Montana are certainly seeing the impact of these reductions. As the staff cuts continue, readers who read the Missoulian on Wednesday are likely to read a marginally interesting local story from Helena that was published in the Independent Record on Monday. Critical local and statewide news stories simply aren’t getting the attention they deserve, because there simply aren’t enough bodies in the newsroom writing them.

    Shrinking staff, shrinking newspapers, and a rapidly shrinking value of the core product put out by corporation. It’s simply astonishing that the only thing growing at Lee Enterprises is the compensation of the people who’ve destroyed the company and irreparably harmed news gathering in our local communities.

    Vulture capitalism at its worst.


    It’s no different in Racine!

  4. Lizzy Borden says:

    What’s more important to understand is that this is a microcosm of what is going on as the American Empire collapses. America has hit a new low – 20th century America is a mystery.

    High ideals, proud history, and for the most part a decent, generous, hard working people.

    So why does the government’s behavior resemble that of Nazi Germany in so many respects?

    Why are the big banks allowed to loot trillions of dollars in broad daylight with no consequences?

    Why have so many people who are little more than highly polished low life scum ended up in the White House and other positions of authority?

    Guy McPherson explains the three ways to maintain an Empire in Decline: Obedience at home, Oppression abroad and destruction of the living planet.

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