Natives retain control over Mounds but questions remain



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Natives retain control over Mounds but questions remain, Mr X interjects

On Friday 11/15/13  press conference called Mayor Dickert of Racine was called to announce that Meredith had withdraw their offer to buy an area of Mound Cemetery that  many believe to be a native Mound used for religious purposes such as burial.

This effort by the Meredith’s opposed by both Native Americans and local residents. also brought unwelcomed Media coverage, from local, State, and National outlets.

 A new civic group was formed due what was seen by many as an attack on Native rights this group Ogichidaa Mawansomag, (Ojibwa for Warriors Gathering People Together was in the forefront of this struggle).

At the Conference the Meredith referred to the effort opposing the purchase of what could be a native Mound a “  three-ring circus” Mayor Dicker himself would call the protest effort made up of Natives and Residents doing such acts as  speaking in front of City Council during public comments, and holding peaceful Drumming Rallies as acting in “an unprofessional manner”

 We (this readership) should ask if the City of Racine not returning phone calls/emails or meeting with local native leadership was unprofessional.

 Members of the Ho-Chuck Tribe from Baraboo WI, spoke on the effort over the mounds, and now the effort to work with the City of Racine moving forward

 Mayor Dickert also called on Ogichidaa Mawansomag to keep to their Letter offering to buy the site in question and maintain said area.

 Ogichidaa Mawansomag is now scheduled to meet with the City some time in the New Year, to plan the fund raising efforts needed to move forward in order to obtain the site for further preservation what they and others see as a  sacred site.  

As one of the members of the public stated after the conference “ Before today I was unaware of any City response, to any of the Emails or Phone calls made to the City, about this issue to include the letter Mayor Dickert spoke of, this letter was send weeks ago. Why could he not have met with us then?”

 Other questions remain unanswered among them are:

Time and again Leadership of  Ogichidaa Mawansomag  has requested a meeting both by Letter and publicly at a City Council meeting in October, why did this get refused?

Time and again  Ogichidaa Mawansomag  asked to talk with the Meredith’s and that get refused why?

Why did Meredith’s call Ogichidaa Mawansomag  Bullies what did they do? Is there a Police report on that?

Mayor John Dickert once again said the City was out of money that then what happen to the Cemetery fund that once has over a million dollars in the account. What happened to the funds over the years, was this money used for other purposes if so who approved this spending?

Mayor Dickert may this with his song and dance the Mound issue is over.

The public may have questions that the Mayor will have to answer.  


Mr X my long term source is of the firm belief that until the City and the Natives have an agreement in writing, that Mayor Dickert who still has a permit to test mayl go forward  with a test then use the fact that the city has no money to sell the plot anyway, then move forward to be able to do so.

Mr X sees the City doing this early one morning and closing the gates deploying the RPD so the work can go on and not be interrupted

After all its Mayor John Dickert he hates losing.

I am sure that if Racine did that, we end up in court but  that has not stoped Dickert yet.   He has if you recall sued his own city.

Why stop there? How low can Racine go? How would Dickert’s backstabbing should it happend make you feel?




8 Responses to Natives retain control over Mounds but questions remain

  1. Piss Off says:

    You Mister X clearly does not know his ass from a hole in the ground.

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    “At the Conference the Meredith referred to the effort opposing the purchase of what could be a native Mound a “ three-ring circus” Mayor Dicker himself would call the protest effort made up of Natives and Residents doing such acts as speaking in front of City Council during public comments, and holding peaceful Drumming Rallies as acting in “an unprofessional manner””

    The only three ring Circus in Racine consists of the grossly overpaid and incompetent trio of Mayor John Dickert, City Administrator Tom Friedel, and their Administrative Assistant. These clowns have run the finances of Racine into the ground, wasted tens of millions with no return, and have rewarded incompetence and failure again and again! They BUY loyalty and votes with taxpayer money – it’s their only play.

    How Dickert feels entitled to label the sacred ceremonies of Native Americans “unprofessional” is beyond the intellect of any intelligent person. The DIckerts are TRASH WITH CASH – both are dependent upon taking, via taxation, for their salaries and benefits – which are not appropriate for their level of performance.

    Face it – John has ruined Racine and businesses and residents are fleeing his failures and tax increases – which makes Business unprofitable and housing values drop. His Partner is a teacher for a failed school district that is the lowest performing in Wisconsin. That’s not by accident. Get in where you fit in.

    Geez – does that make the Dickerts Failure times two, or failure squared?

    D + P = 2F Where D = Dickert, P = Partner, F = Failure OR

    DP (squared) = F That’s an exponential function – and destroys Racine and children’s minds even faster.

    And the incessant whining of Dishonest John that Racine is broke! With an $81M + budget!


    City Of Racine Budget 2014 – $81,452,371.00

    City Of Kenosha Budget 2014- $73,043,043.00

    Racine Population: 73,353

    Kenosha Population: 100,150

    Racine Police Dept: 243 Full-Time Staff

    Kenosha Police Dept: 211 Full Time Staff

    Kenosha M.I.S. Dept/Information Technology: 1 Full Time Employee

    Racine M.I.S. Dept/Information Technology: 8 Full Time Employees

    Kenosha Library Staff: 37 Full Time Employees

    Racine Library Staff: 41 Full Time Employees

    Kenosha Public Works: 65 Full Time Employees

    Racine Public Works: 107 Full Time Employees

    The City Of Kenosha has a population of approximately 30,000 more residents than The City Of Racine, yet Racine has an operating budget of more than $8 million dollars more than Kenosha!!

    It’s time for the Dickerts and his friends to quit their whining and give back to the Community they are looting! It’s time to cut the pay and benefits of the overpaid City Hall employees and do what is right for the remaining businesses and residents of Racine – BEFORE THERE ARE NONE LEFT!

  3. Mary M. says:

    MY – MY – what do we have here?

    While Lying John whines that he is broke and that the Native Americans somehow “owe” $19,000 to fund his spending – the list over at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue shows that City of Racine businesses and residents are in arrears to the State for over $12,000,000.

    So I looked up delinquent taxes for Racine Delinquent Taxes. I copied the file to excel to get a total dollar amount owed and the grand total is $12,699,745.49.

    We have a mayor (and that’s using the term loosely) that wants and gets a rise but can’t get people to pay their taxes.

    There are 26 who owe more the $100,000.00 and the top amount is $346,161.26.

    This information is from the website By state law anyone owing more than $5,000.00 must be posted on the internet.

    HEY MAYOR! You need to get your friends to PAY UP! How can the State give you aid when your friends don’t pay their taxes to the State? OR their property tax – which they pass onto the County taxpayers of Racine?

    234 Wisconsin Ave – DP Wigley and the Flynns. – from the DOR site:

    Christine Flynn 234 Wisconsin Ave: $21,079.34 owed in Sales Tax.

    Flynn Agency DPW 234 Wisconsin Ave: $22,685.55 owed in Sales Tax.

    Mark Flynn 234 Wisconsin Ave: $21,079.34 owed in Sales Tax.

    How about the Mayor and his pet project group, Voces de la Frontera? The Mayor declares Racine a sanctuary City for those who illegally emigrate, don’t pay taxes, yet demand services? Obviously, Mayor John Dickert hasn’t thought this out too well – if they don’t contribute, but demand services – well, IT’S GOING TO COST YOU! You’ll have to STEP UP Mayor, and take a pay cut, along with the rest of your employees so you can continue to provide sanctuary for these people. They won’t do it on their own and need food, shelter, heat and medical care! Time to stop buying those fancy suits and put on the Goodwill clothes and get your hands dirty!

    • Mr. Racine says:

      For real. Let me know when John Dickert and his family and friend give back to the Community and start volunteering – ON A REGULAR BASIS – at HALO, or the Love and Charity Mission, or any of the other opportunities there are in Racine.

      You won’t find the Dickerts or their friends there because those positions are unpaid, deal with “common, dirty people” (who aren’t white) and there is no alcohol. Trash with cash? That doesn’t even begin to describe the entitled “King and Queen” of Racine and their Royal Court of taxpayer dependent money-grubbing, always in search of a taxpayer handout Pigs.

  4. Mr. Racine says:

    How come there are so many tax cheats in Racine and why does John Dickert STILL continue to not take action?

    Communication from the Mayor requesting that the City
    Attorney repeal and recreate Sec. 6-106 prohibiting the issuance of a
    liquor license to premises that have delinquent accounts with the City.
    Recommendation of the Public Safety & Licensing Committee on

    That the item be deferred until we can get further information
    on some of the questions that were raised.

    There was a lot of discussion on this item. Speakers included Joey Legath, Lou
    Larsen, John McCauliffe, owner of John’s Dock as well as Mayor Dickert. Some of
    the points addressed was the tenant/owner situation; businesses that have been
    operating for over 20 years who have been hit with the economy and trying to keep
    their heads above water. Questions were raised on why would this not apply to all
    businesses and not just those that hold a liquor license, amount for delinquent, would
    it be a certain dollar amount or would it be if you are late on your 1st installment.
    Mayor stated they were looking into the legality of having the tenant pay the city their
    rent and that amount being applied towards the delinquent taxes. After much
    discussion it was determined there are still a lot of questions that would need to be
    answered before moving forward, but the Mayor expressed this was just a starting
    point. It was determined that the item should be deferred until more information can
    be gathered.


    How come John’s friends and those who hold licenses to do business in the City don’t want to pay their taxes and their fair share? Tom and John have a spending and tax collection problem! When will they demand that the Bar Owners and Deadbeat Businesses or Racine step up to the plate and pay their fair share?

    Stop whining Mayor – and start COLLECTING from the deadbeats YOU allow yo have liquor licenses and run businesses in Racine! That’s your job – NOT trying to shake down Native Americans while you hate on their Sacred Ceremonies!

    Click to access 5909_M_Public_Safety_and_Licensing_Committee_13-02-13_Meeting_Minutes.pdf

  5. I feel uneasy. I don’t trust John Dickert because nobody knows what his plans are. Plans are never revealed. He is neither a democrat or a republican -yet he wants to go far for himself in one of these parties.. Everything even sacred mounds are about $$$$$S. I don’t see any enlightenment from him but I do see a difference now – because of this non mainstream cyber energy shedding light on all of this darkness. William Brown did everything right. And besides doing everything right, William Brown stood with the law of this land. Alternative journalism sites are doing things right too. The City does nothing but disparage all of its critics. Important voices of reassurance are missing in action. New voices are standing up. John Dickert is a poor loser and acts without thinking. There is a time for everything as Ecclesiastes points out and this is a time to be uneasy and on guard. Good reporting Wayne!

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