Well Mr. Mayor?

Up to Bat


Good question when will they?

The Mayor got the City of Racine (read the residents) of Racine to pay his legal bills (about 100K)   We got to pay for his trip to France (who paid for his kin to go?) Who went with him?

We will be paying him to go to Mexico to bring Mexican Companies to Racine, with our high taxes , the hoops new businesses  have to jump and the way this City treats Minorities, will anyone come?   Yet The Mayor will be going, are your streetlights still on?

There are many buildings in Downtown Racine behind on back taxes. Some very much so. Why has the County Executive  not started the action needed to take them? If in fact Downtown Racine is booming as we are told it is, should it not be easy to resell them?  Maybe its time to expose the fiction of Downtown Racine? Perhaps we might find out that some business  are having issues paying venders? If that is the case why  Downtown is not booming is it?

In fact if J Way lays off say 50 from the Downtown location, what damage will that do? Maybe the County will give more money to Dickert’s pals is that not the job of folks living near Waterford?

Should not the Mayor’s pals some who have benefited greatly from contracts from City Hall at least insure the property taxes on the building they rent are being paid on? Begs the question if rent is being paid,is it?

How much $$ is spent on Downtown Racine to keep it looking alive? What’s the total amount being paid by the County on Reef Point Marina?

How much will farmers from Union Grove be chipping in for the Uptown?    Will FOJ’s get the work?

Yet vs looking into how the City is speeding $$ with I feel the O.K. of the County (Hell West of the I is rich so lets soak them!) for the Uptown the site of actions of the City of Racine that started yet another legal fight!

When do we call the Mayor to account?

IMHO I think that the Mound issue is not over yet, until a deal is signed in writing.

3 Responses to Well Mr. Mayor?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    The only “company” Lying John will bring back from Mexico will be illegal and they don’t pay taxes, but they demand services, and they vote Democrat. Then the Mayor will cry and whine that he is broke!

    How come Mary Osterman-Jerger isn’t leading the charge to collect $$$ from leading citizens and businessmen of Racine to pay John Dickert’s legal bills? That’s the right thing to do. Come on Mary – step up to the Plate. Your turn to bat.

    How come the DRC has it’s hand out – wanting $$$ from the taxpayers to fund it’s activities? Why do they demand a hand-out – instead of a hand-up? Downtown is the baby that never grows up – it is always taxpayer dependent. DRC – if they still can’t walk – how will they ever step up to bat?

    Lying John whines he is broke – then his friends have businesses on locations that are in arrears for tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes! It’s well past due for them to step up and quit passing the costs onto others.

    Will the Mayor and his friends ever step up to the plate and bat? Or will they just continue to demand others do their work?

  2. Mary M. says:

    Checking with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for delinquent taxpayers in Racine reveals a long list of names – Some of you are prominent members of the community!


    Why is it so hard to make a $$$ in Jobless Johnny’s City?

    Looking at the 2014 County Budget for Reefpoint Marina reveals some interesting clues:

    From Page 29-5 revenues: http://www.goracine.org/crepository/FinBudgets/B2014/sec29rm.pdf

    In 2012 – Revenues from the restaurant were $63,500. Revenues for 2013 and 2014 are -0-
    Does that mean Reefpoint Brew House isn’t being charged rent?

    From The JT: “Although the group bid $40,000 rent per year, County Finance Director Dan Eastman said if they have significant build-out costs, “We would be able to adjust the rent. So we’re looking at ways to make it viable for (them).”


    Well, the 2014 County Budget says the rent was adjusted to -0-. Is this subsidy fair to taxpayers?

    Again, from The JT: “In 2007 Rich and Kara Shawhan, owner-operators of Scores Sports Bar & Grill at 6100 Washington Ave., opened Spinnakers bar and restaurant.

    But they declined to extend their lease which runs out at the end of this month. “The first two years were awesome,” Kara Shawhan said. But the Great Recession hit them hard, and she said, “It’s just way too seasonal to make it through the winters.”

    Doesn’t that say it all? What – this time it will be different?

    Are the boaters in Racine a liability to the taxpayers or an asset? When will they pay their way – or will they ever? Be sure to look at the 2014 County budget – look at those revised down numbers – now BELIEVE – just BELIEVE that more boaters will appear in 2014. The County Executive is depending on it!

    It is important to note that Skipper Buds abandoned Racine and no longer does business in Racine – they MUST make a profit and can’t demand the taxpayers subsidize them. Also of note: The closing of West Marine due to a lack of business and the inability of Main Marine and Ski to find a buyer – because the business was not viable – and now it sits foreclosed on and empty. WHere are Racine’s boaters – and when will they step up and pay their fair share?

  3. Why should they? Are they not here just to be looted if not Raped by the Downtown Bars is there anything else open anymore?
    How many Boaters would it take to keep the bars going?
    Would a better business be selling Booze to the bars? I start with a contract with the Civic Center then get my pals in the Tavern League to be my customers if I could, perhaps use the Hammer of the City Licensing Committee if they did not. What do you think?

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