Under the Surface



As you know I write for the paper Wisconsin Daily Independent a link to this Newspaper can be found in the link section.

So far I been told to go nuts on my story idea in fact encouraged to cover the stories others will not such as the efforts of the Natives to protect the Mound at Mound Cemetery and I have been told the Paper’s checkbook is open to allow be to cove stories like Delta Hawk and Team Porters that will need open Records filed paid for.

This effort might include getting Mayor Becker’s old Email’s so this effort blow the lid off stuff the Good Old Boys fear and do not wish to be talked about (good luck with that) but I am not talking about that , I mean the real strange stories I hear about even now I am getting letters send to me and phone tips on a range of things from “inside the J-T” to  the expanding of the DRC  BUT!!!!!

more out there stories of the strange and bizarre of this  City, County, and if real way out  stories State.


Such as what is going on at the 3nd floor of an popular area Club


CVZ Dendy 3


What does our Mayor do downtown Racine behind closed doors?



But there is more! Perhaps a trip to find the best of Bray Rd?


John Dickert


My bad



Stories like the about and more


Is there going to be a free for all in liquor distribution in Downtown Racine?  Who or what might be behind it?  What happened the last time?

For sure this will be A podcast at a set day and time like Midnight on Wednesday’s or what have you

I think A blog be a fun thing too where say a sponsorship to explore Bray Road or look into a “Haunted House”.


Be fun lots of fun!


What do you think?

2 Responses to Under the Surface

  1. Kate Remington says:

    I don’t know Bray Road? What is that and do I need to blush?

    What do you think of our Sheriff dressed up and dancing as a Blues Brother? Video on today’s JT feature….he is the same man that violates laws of due process and second amendment rights via Keith Fair on cue from whom at City Hall…. What family does he belong too? What is the difference between these little families and the Community of residents who have to pay for these tasteless displays of privilege and excess at our expense?

    Could your party on the 3rd floor be rehearsals for last night’s performances to (!!!) help battered women????? I think that is what was said. How repugnant is this city anyway!

    P.S. I did not hear back from Mercedes…..hmmmm.

    Everything is upside down and I think we annoying residents are getting through. It is lonely going and slow.

    Keep repeating your scandal exit (what blog was it on? Launch Box? SC restructuring?) Was it from a movie? Seemed familiar!! Wherever, I laughed out loud. This horror needs Falstaff’s satire because it is dark stuff.



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