Mega Flash News Mound Issue


This might just be the dagger in the heart of Mayor John Dicker’s attempt to sell the Mound

surprise Mr. Mayor The DAR will not play nice




Gathering Power


Rise up Racine the Natives have come to save us!

Of all things to think that the Natives coming to protect their dead is casing quite the dust up.


Last night about 15 gathered at Mound Cemetery to perform a Pipe Ceremony to thank God for the help He provided to stop the Hater of Natives Mayor John Dickert plans for IMHO desecration of Naive Mounds for the benefit of a group of Good Old Boys, and ask protection and give Thanks to God for the members of the Cemetery Commission  that fought battles to protect the graves of their folk.

Now the natives had come and in numbers. Yesterday morning about 4-6 members spoke up armed WITH THE LAW that even Mayor John Dicket must obey in this case The  archaeologists refused to work once they where told and shown the  State law on this Native Graves issues (as I understand it) 

Last night a few more to give thanks and prepare for today


Oh Glory to God for today!  He Came to Racine to protect His dead from ruin!

Look at His hands on Earth


(From Racine Uncovered)

From 3 States (IL MI WI) and Nations (Ho-Chunk Cree Mohawk and others) they came Young and Old Men Women and Children  Full Blooded Mixed (me) and Friends of the Tribes on this issue they came!  They came in love not hate in fact one of the leaders said “If you came to play Cops and Indians get in your cars and go home” I heard no one say anything bad about the family wanting to buy the Mound or even the Mayor in fact this was send to both Parties as a way to end the fight

About 100 came sang drummed smoked PIpes talked to others about what was going on including WTMJ   Interesting thing Mr. X handed Documents to the TV crew that by the look on their faces shocked them. More interesting Mr R showed up and interacted with the Tribes Leadership

The J-T showed up Mr Burke from what I saw was an jerk to the Leadership who still answered questions and repaid with Love the disrespect Burke showed.

Please read the below:


How can the above been seen as anything but a way to move beyond the Mound fight? That was send last week. I hope the Mayor uses it as a way to save face. Yet from what I understand they are willing to fight this in Court and actions in Racine.

Whom would have thought that of all the folks fighting the Mayor on issues that this one would get the most press and traction?

Interesting too is what do YOU think folks outside Racine think about our Mayor? About Racine?

Might this be on there mind?



Update Mound 10/5/14 AM


Last night I went to the Pipe Ceremony at Mound. Quite nice very peaceful. very respectful. I learned a lot not only about the mound issue here in Racine but what led up to this in Racine and around the USA.

Leadership expects 200 Tribal members from across the Midwest  for Today’s event and press coverage from local- Regional and National press this should make Mayor John Dickert very happy. Yes Racine WI gets a close up.

The leader of this effort phone blew up with calls from just plain folk to Lawyers working on this case. Mayor John Dickert will enjoy getting Racine in more court fights after all he has done this so many times, right?

Native Americans come calling count coup on Mayor Dickert


So I  get a call to be at Mound ASAP and I am able to get there at 11:00 AM today 10/4/13

I see An Alderman head of Parks department members I am told of the Cemetery Board a few folks from Racine and 6 Native Americans ( one I know from attending Pow Wows and the like) also there are two archeologists to do boring of the mound a State of Wisconsin worker and Cara from the J-T

I missed the Mayor’s visit sorry to say I understand he made quite the scene as only he can.

I counted about 15-20 a few coming and going.

The Native were armed for Bear, and were ready to play.

Was not long before the archeologists had better places to be (this after Mayor said according to witnesses that the boring would be done TODAY but wait!) The natives where nice kind and polite. They also  had documentation on the law .

Yes, even Mayor Dickert must obey the law  .

Then WTMJ TV showed up Oh boy did that freak folks out!  The TV Crew stayed for some time interview the Alderman and others.

What I thought was great was the Natives had a copy of the Law and how from what I understand it was not obeyed. The Natives are very unhappy and their documentation on it being a mound comes from the Smithsonian!

The Natives followed the statues and called the RCSD according to the Law!  Boy the law not that! The Native Warriors are not playing.

The archeologists said they would not Bore until this issue was resoled the native are planing to do what they can stop this from happening.  Who will win?

Oh! the names that Maresh Meredith and Acklam were called! More then one person said they would not use them for ANYTHING! How big of a hit is that Business taking?

The Mayor too how does he get out of this? How does he save Face? How does he get this done?

How does he abrogate this process and enforce his will?    After tonight’s news on WTMJ how does he not look like a money grubbing fool?

I expect his pals will defend him and I expect some to say that Maresh Meredith and Acklam are the right color and have money so why not?

Is this the end result for Mayor John Dickert?


Call me


Simon Girty


So far tonight I have gotten calls from New York State, Northern Wisconsin and California. I expect more to  come in.

I  have yet to talk to anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Many of them tell me that they see this as a “Good Old Boy Deal” and ask me if I think  a payoff was made.


Is Mayor Dickert possessed by D’Annunzio? Is Racine the new Fiume?

Is Mayor Dickert possessed by D’Annunzio? Is Racine the new Fiume?




Is his Ghost  controlling Mayor John Dickert?



But first a term!  Fascist Corporatism

Fascist corporatism



Fascism’s theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately controlled organizations (corporations). Each trade union or employer corporation would, theoretically, represent its professional concerns, especially by negotiation of labour contracts and the like. This method, it was theorized, could result in harmony amongst social classes.[30] Authors have noted, however, that de facto economic corporatism was also used to reduce opposition and reward political loyalty.[31]


In Italy from 1922 until 1943, corporatism became influential amongst Italian nationalists led by Benito Mussolini. The Charter of Carnaro gained much popularity as the prototype of a ‘corporative state’, having displayed much within its tenets as a guild system combining the concepts of autonomy and authority in a special synthesis.[32] This appealed to Hegelian thinkers who were seeking a new alternative to popular socialism and syndicalism which was also a progressive system of governing labour and still a new way of relating to political governance. Alfredo Rocco spoke of a corporative state and declared corporatist ideology in detail. Rocco would later become a member of the Italian Fascist regime Fascismo.[33]


Italian Fascism involved a corporatist political system in which economy was collectively managed by employers, workers and state officials by formal mechanisms at the national level.[34] This non-elected form of state officializing of every interest into the state was professed to reduce the marginalization of singular interests (as would allegedly happen by the unilateral end condition inherent in the democratic voting process). Corporatism would instead better recognize or ‘incorporate’ every divergent interest into the state organically, according to its supporters, thus being the inspiration for their use of the term totalitarian, perceivable to them as not meaning a coercive system but described distinctly as without coercion in the 1932 Doctrine of Fascism as thus:



When brought within the orbit of the State, Fascism recognizes the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which divergent interests are coordinated and harmonized in the unity of the State.[35]




[The state] is not simply a mechanism which limits the sphere of the supposed liberties of the individual… Neither has the Fascist conception of authority anything in common with that of a police ridden State… Far from crushing the individual, the Fascist State multiplies his energies, just as in a regiment a soldier is not diminished but multiplied by the number of his fellow soldiers.[35]


This prospect of Italian fascist corporatism claimed to be the direct heir of Georges Sorel‘s anarcho-collectivist, such that each interest was to form as its own entity with separate organizing parameters according to their own standards, only however within the corporative model of Italian fascism each was supposed to be incorporated through the auspices and organizing ability of a statist construct. This was by their reasoning the only possible way to achieve such a function, i.e. when resolved in the capability of an indissoluble state. Much of the corporatist influence upon Italian Fascism was partly due to the Fascists’ attempts to gain endorsement by the Roman Catholic Church that itself sponsored corporatism.[36]


However fascism’s corporatism was a top-down model of state control over the economy while the Roman Catholic Church’s corporatism favoured a bottom-up corporatism, whereby groups such as families and professional groups would voluntarily work together.[36][37] The fascist state corporatism influenced the governments and economies of a number of Roman Catholic countries, such as the government of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and António de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal, but also Konstantin Päts and Karlis Ulmanis in non-Catholic Estonia and Latvia. Fascists in non-Catholic countries also supported Italian Fascist corporatism, including Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists who commended corporatism and said that “it means a nation organized as the human body, with each organ performing its individual function but working in harmony with the whole”.[38] Mosley also considered corporatism as an attack on laissez-faire economics and “international finance”.[38]

António de Oliveira Salazar was not associated with Mussolini, quite the opposite. António de Oliveira Salazar banished the fascist party in Portugal and distanced himself from and his regime from all fascist regimes in Europe. Portugal remained neutral throughout the 2nd World War. António de Oliveira Salazar had a striking dislike for both Marxism and Liberalism. The regime in Portugal during the reign of António de Oliveira Salazar was more considered as Catholic Corporatism. António de Oliveira Salazar himself said “Our Dictatorship clearly resembles a fascist Dictatorship in the reinforcement of authority, in the war declared against certain principles of democracy, in its accentuated nationalist character, in its preoccupation of social order. However, it differs from it in its process of renovation. The fascist dictatorship tends towards a pagan Caesarism, towards a state that knows no limits of a legal or moral order, which marches towards it goal without meeting complications or obstacles. The Portuguese New State, on the contrary, cannot avoid, not think of avoiding, certain limits of a moral order which it may consider indispensable to maintain in its favour of its reforming action” Salazar 1933



OK what am I saying?

As I see this all Our Mayor is doing everything he can to turn Racine into an image of glory where the right type of White Rich can have power and prestige. That the public’s job is to shut up and pay our taxes .

Our reward is to bask in the reflected glory of Mayor John Dickert and perhaps if we are worthy come Downtown  and drink our cares away!

Some say that our Mayor is a fool and is a tool of others, I think not. IMHO The Mayor over the past few years has created  a power base unknown outside of Chicago.

He has taken over CAR 25 and turned it in to a propaganda outlet.  I understand that NONE of the old CAR 25 producers are making shows anymore.  I, myself have offered to simply volunteer  to help as directed and I have herd nothing since.

That as I see it many of Dickert’s pals now sit on committees that oversee city operations such as the Board of Ethics


NOTE  Jerger-Osterman sits on the Cable Commission her husband is County Supervisor and worked on the City Hall Bathrooms.

The Public can no longer speak freely during public comments the rules have changed to as I see it prevent this.

Is it so the public outcry to come with the upcoming budget can be muted? After all does not Mayor Dickert know best?

Has all the Black Owned bars Downtown get closed so White Rich folks will not be scared to drink downtown or live at Porters should that ever get built?

Has Doug Nicholson become a distributor to go one on one with CJW?  Will he get city businesses from the civic center?

Is our Mayor using the city to enrich his pals?


Next what might be Mayor Dickert’s vision for Racine?



Hardy house (Another view of the Historic Home Tour)

Edits are mine per request

By Kate Remington (with permission)

So the Vikings finally finished playing and Quenten and I headed to the Hardy house.  I suggested we go by the Hardy House first as I knew there would be a long line and  there was.  Right after we got on board and Quenten spotted a beautiful young woman , Brian O’Connell arrived to stand on line six feet away from us. Interesting too as he was out of his ‘family’ not able to oil his way out of anything really exception?  Bob Hartman and he are good and fast friends.  I behaved myself because I was there to see this wright home which I really like and which does not disappoint although I know Quenten had feelings about the materials used like acrylic in place of wood and I am curious re the stucco product which is acrylic too.

Since we visiting folks were being separated into groups of 10 or 12,  Quenten and I crushed our pop cans and drained them and I put them in my pocket and we were stuck with Brian O’Connell.   Most of the people assigned to the rooms (Donna Newgard was one and Rita T. was outside) seemed to need to justify the colors chosen for this restoration (what a joke these Racine color police and Racine design police are and how locked into their small elite culture). Also, because of age/weight factor, guides were concerned re someone falling on the stairs (wright control) and/or fitting through hall (slight wright, short wright, one way man)…..  The touring system was just like the system used at fallingwater in PA (that is a prediction re future direction for attraction to this area).  Fallingwater is very profitable for the State of PA.  Quenten enjoyed himself and so did I.  Besides the Hardy, Quenten liked the ….. and the day in general.  For me the guide in the kitchen was the most insightful – wore a name tag but I was trying not to be gouche and I didn’t want to break out my opera glasses and I left wondering where the center stained glass was on the sidewalk level on Main Street that Mark Hertzberg photographed……why it was not being put back in….it really was an appropriate jewel and I liked the sculpture that I could look down upon ….sort of like a Mardonio Magana only it was more elite, not energetic and basic heart beat like Magana’s work..yet not shabby!.
Re the long line: FYI Quenten and I counted zero blacks and we don’t think there were mexican illegal or otherwise.  Surprise, this was not a crowd worried about their next meal or losing a job.   I know Paul Revere is more of a razer of old buildings …..but there is much that is old here in Racine that was built well and built in and is part of this community and for me defines it’s character and I personally like old because it is our labour and old buildings have character like cars did and we built to last in days past.   Built ins for me first and foremost are the Indian mounds and built ins for me are Buildings connected  to bluffs – lakebluffs and Root bluffs — DP Wigley, the theatre in Uptown, the Fire Station that the JT was allowed to cannonball down, etc.   IMHO  Restoring old is good for Racine’s multiracial multicultural future.
 There are troublesome issues for Racine residents intimated at during the Hardy tour such as does the city have involvement in the ownership of copyright for reproducing Wright light fixtures and who and how did all that happen.  ????  Why does the future of this city get decided in closed session? Who is targeted out and who is targeted in?  Patterns and practices.  Was the process open to all?  
Usury.  Misery.  Mystery.  Sociopathic Corpoutopian illusions by public servants attracted to towers of greed.  Like Wayne asks, is Racine cursed????  Which plan, what plan, and who is executing whom???  Who is profiting?  Who is paying for it?