Update on Media Pass

So I went to City Hall not knowing what was going to happen, would I be allowed to sit at the Media Table



Or would I be told I could not sit at the media table?


So I get there and take my place .


The President of the Council




Tells me and I think my recorder caught it


“That since there is no written Policy I would be allowed to stay.” WE also had a short side bar about the Photos I posted as above and a bit more about if my newspaper was a newspaper or a “blog”  I guess my editor will be talking to the City about that, but now it be very hard to write a policy that would exclude me from this Table. If they did IMHO I think they get sued fast. I will be asking via open Records for copies of Emails that may exist over who may have asked that I be excluded I will post them here if they exist for all to read.

Others in the room told me that when I left to talk to the Fire Chief the Mayor freaked to them. Oh well get use to it.




4 Responses to Update on Media Pass

  1. indigenous sovereignty in action

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    What IRONY!

    Racine Common Council President Terrence McCarthy is employed by Volkswagen!

    The State-owned Enterprise that Adolf Hitler made famous!

    Looks like Terrence McCarthy is also a fan of Fascist tactics!


    I wonder if Terrence can also Goosestep?

  3. Mary M. says:

    All HEIL Mayor John Dickert!

    Carry on Terrence.

  4. Tammy Kilborn says:

    McCarthy is just the mayors wingman, he has done NOTHING for his district and has provided NO COST SAVINGS solutions or ideas for this city. He represents himself and the mayor. Ask him what he has done for this community.

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