Photos from tonights Budget meeting



Keep your eyes open far more to come!




Outside the meeting room Holding my press pass in my hand,. Photo can be seen




Alderman Terry Mc Carthey telling me as President of the Council he is allowing me to sit in the Press box until  my “status” is approved By the City Attorney because of questions others had.  Would not tell me what questions or who had them.

Walked away as I was still trying to find out what was going on.

I explained that I emailed my information a few days ago and had got nothing back on the email.

The Alderman told me I would know my status by the next meeting.



Note here I am taking my note on the meeting. The Lady next to me  is from the Journal Times IMHO the Mayor’s pet paper and part of his propaganda team.

Is that the real issue that the WDI is NOT part of his (the Mayor’s) Propaganda team?

What do you think?


This be very interesting



Copy of my Press Pass from WDI




5 Responses to Photos from tonights Budget meeting

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    The dilemma for Mayor John Dickert and City Administrator Tom Friedel is that The Journal Times may be discovered to be a “fake” newspaper filled with the lowest paid unqualified and incompetent hacks Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck could hire!

    Lee Enterprise CEO Mary Junck does not value QUALITY! She values QUANTITY! As in – how much ad revenue has The Journal Times, and other paper she manages, returned to her in the form of profits!

    Make no mistake – At this time The Journal Times IS The John Dickert Times because Lee Enterprise will sell the soul of a newpaper to make a $$$$, and create a lifeless SHOPPER in it’s wake.

    WHAT do those in the know say about Lee Enterprise CEO Mary Junck?

    Mary Junck and the Death of the American Newspaper (At Least Ours)
    by Don Pogreba on July 27, 2012 · in The Media

    It was an astonishing display of corporate greed and malfeasance a few months ago when Lee Enterprises announced that it had given a $500,000 bonus to CEO Mary Junck at the same time the paper chain was laying off workers and losing vast sums of money.

    Today, Jim Romanesko is reporting that Lee has given CEO Mary Junck yet another bonus, this time because a committee “concluded that Ms. Junck’s compensation, including equity-based compensation, is substantially below that of her peers in the newspaper industry.” To be fair, this announcement came on the heels of a narrowed loss of “only” $1.5 million. Junck’s mismanagement of Lee Enterprises is perhaps measured best by the latest bonus compensation she’s received from the Lee board: 500,000 shares of stock.

    A princely gift, no doubt, but one whose value has been diminished somewhat. When Junk became CEO of Lee in 2001, those shares would have been worth around $15 million dollars. Today, they are worth just over $600,000. Certainly the kind of work that demands a reward.

    Is Lee Enterprises Lying to Shareholders, Stockholders? Is Lee Enterprises Breaking the Law?
    “LEE Ent. just announced that on March 21, 2012 during their annual meeting of stockholders they will be seeking shareholder authorization to perform a reverse stock split.

    That split will involve combining anywhere from 2 to 5 shares into 1.

    Given the price of LEE Ent. stock, which is currently trading at $1.06/share, and continuing to fall, it could result in a “new” price of $2.12 to $5.30/share.

    It would not do anything to restore benefits that have been stolen from employees, but it would change the “perception” of LEE’s continued failure and Mary Junck’s inability to move the Corporation forward with actual productive measures that would demonstrably increase the value of LEE Ent.

    When you don’t have any actual solutions, like Mary Junck, you reach into your black bag of magic tricks and pull a Houdini!”

    Jim Romenesko always has revealing information concerning Lee Enterprise CEO Mary Junck :

    And don’t forget fake Junck! I’m Fake Junck, the unreal CEO of a newspaper company. My employees love me & are devoted followers of the Lee prayer card. Big bonuses+layoffs=parody

    ACTUAL Reporting of events in the City of Racine won’t be tolerated!

  2. Kate Remington says:

    very insightful Wayne I want your autograph! you really got the Racine Treatment! Again!

  3. orbscorbs says:

    Terry McCarthey is one of lying John’s buddies so of course he is an ass.

    Funny how quiet Kaplan has been lately. These swine are scared to death of losing thier
    power. We have to work twice as hard to take the city back from lying John’s criminals.

  4. Tammy Kilborn says:

    McCarthy is just doing the work of the devil. What has he done for his district? All he does is push through more of failed John’s ideas. He represents no one but himself and Dickert. He was clearly trying to intimidate you, thanks for not allowing him too. Where is McCarthy’s cost savings ideas for the city? While Racine crumbles, they laugh and provide no solutions, it’s sick and sad.

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