Is there no News in Racine?



Read the J-T lately?

If you have you maybe wondering what’s going on? where is the news in the J-T about

tonight’s Protest by the Natives over the the cities idea of the sell off of what may be a sacred Mound  to pals of the Mayor? (and I understand that someone is calling the buyer The New Tribe …. that;’s a tape I want to see if that person was that silly or not) 50+ will be coming WTMJ I understand is coming. A state wide Newspaper is coming but nothing I have seen in the J-T about this. Why?

I understand that the Racine Equality Project has filed an ethics violation over the voting on selling this area off (the Mound)  and that is not in the paper.

Heck I understand that Sleepy



Above is dead and maybe “On Ice” as Mr. X put it with the Mayor’s pals and that was not in the paper that I saw. Is the Iceman going to be planted at the Mounds? Is this the plan?

Why might this be?

Might it be the idea that no news will be printed that might make Racine or the God of Racine Mayor John Dickert look bad?

imageslm   Is this the God of Racine in his true form?


JDnaziIs this The God ay his desk?


Many have said to include Mr.X that CAR 25 was gutted to create the John Dickert Propaganda Network.

Dr. Joe might fit right in Racine City Hall

imagesJG   Dr. Joe


Sad to say that Mayor John Dickert might be keeping the local press from reporting the real news but I think not much he can do to stop WTMJ or 58 from doing live TV from Racine nor can he stop outside Newspapers from covering the real news and maybe looking for more in Racine WI


Flash clue



And he is pissed as hell


Note this Blog post will go in front of 5K  not including Shares or retweets Mayor John Dickert cant stop the new media

2 Responses to Is there no News in Racine?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    No news is good news!


    Is it the silence before the storm!

  2. Mary M. says:

    More news that The JT ignores –

    A motion was made by Alderman McCarthy and seconded by Alderman Hart
    that the Committee be convened in closed session pursuant to Sec. 19.85 (1)(g)
    of the Wisconsin Statues to confer with the Office of the City Attorney
    concerning strategy and/or possible settlement.
    Roll Call taken:

    Ayes: Alderman Shakoor II, McCarthy, Hart, and Wiser
    Noes: None

    The Chairman then announced that the Committee would convene in closed
    session for the reason stated in the motion and pursuant to Wisconsin Statue
    19.85 (1)(g).

    Also present: David Brown, Finance Director; Scott Letteney, Deputy City
    Attorney, Sandy Weidner, Alderperson; Robert Henkel, Attorney.

    Subject: (Direct Referral)
    Communication from the City Attorney desiring
    to confer with the Finance and Personnel Committee concerning strategy to
    be adopted with respect to litigation in which it is involved, specifically City of
    Racine v. Regency West, Racine County Case No. 13 CV 1546.
    Recommendation of the Finance & Personnel Committee on

    To receive and file.

    Fiscal Note:

    Alderman Hart left at 5:35 p.m.

    A motion was made by Vice Chairman Terry McCarthy, seconded by Dennis
    Wiser , that this be Recommended to be Received and Filed. The motion
    PASSED by a Voice Vote.

    It’s still a secret! But you can bet that if Regency West is successful – the taxes will be passed onto homeowners and Mayor John Dickert willl whine that he is broke!

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