Update Mound 10/5/14 AM


Last night I went to the Pipe Ceremony at Mound. Quite nice very peaceful. very respectful. I learned a lot not only about the mound issue here in Racine but what led up to this in Racine and around the USA.

Leadership expects 200 Tribal members from across the Midwest  for Today’s event and press coverage from local- Regional and National press this should make Mayor John Dickert very happy. Yes Racine WI gets a close up.

The leader of this effort phone blew up with calls from just plain folk to Lawyers working on this case. Mayor John Dickert will enjoy getting Racine in more court fights after all he has done this so many times, right?

One Response to Update Mound 10/5/14 AM

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Concerned Native Americans and Residents of Racine are not protesting the Mayor’s decision. This is an issue about fundamental fairness and respect for a Native American Burial Mound that is clearly identified on the 1850 map that created Mound Cemetery. There is also the issue of the promise to respect those Mounds made by the City to the Potawatomi family that sold these lands to the City.

    It is also an issue of fairness to the other residents of Racine. If the land was salable, it’s actual value is $300,000, not the $16,000 that the Mayor wants to give it away for. Further, these cronies of the Mayor have already been granted special privileges by the Mayor in being allowed to block the sale of a Downtown Racine property to an African-American Funeral home and then being given tax-exempt status on that property when they purchased it after successfully blocking the sale.

    There is also video evidence that indicates that the Mayor’s vote may have been rigged and the circumstances surrounding the vote are highly suspicious.

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