Native Americans come calling count coup on Mayor Dickert


So I  get a call to be at Mound ASAP and I am able to get there at 11:00 AM today 10/4/13

I see An Alderman head of Parks department members I am told of the Cemetery Board a few folks from Racine and 6 Native Americans ( one I know from attending Pow Wows and the like) also there are two archeologists to do boring of the mound a State of Wisconsin worker and Cara from the J-T

I missed the Mayor’s visit sorry to say I understand he made quite the scene as only he can.

I counted about 15-20 a few coming and going.

The Native were armed for Bear, and were ready to play.

Was not long before the archeologists had better places to be (this after Mayor said according to witnesses that the boring would be done TODAY but wait!) The natives where nice kind and polite. They also  had documentation on the law .

Yes, even Mayor Dickert must obey the law  .

Then WTMJ TV showed up Oh boy did that freak folks out!  The TV Crew stayed for some time interview the Alderman and others.

What I thought was great was the Natives had a copy of the Law and how from what I understand it was not obeyed. The Natives are very unhappy and their documentation on it being a mound comes from the Smithsonian!

The Natives followed the statues and called the RCSD according to the Law!  Boy the law not that! The Native Warriors are not playing.

The archeologists said they would not Bore until this issue was resoled the native are planing to do what they can stop this from happening.  Who will win?

Oh! the names that Maresh Meredith and Acklam were called! More then one person said they would not use them for ANYTHING! How big of a hit is that Business taking?

The Mayor too how does he get out of this? How does he save Face? How does he get this done?

How does he abrogate this process and enforce his will?    After tonight’s news on WTMJ how does he not look like a money grubbing fool?

I expect his pals will defend him and I expect some to say that Maresh Meredith and Acklam are the right color and have money so why not?

Is this the end result for Mayor John Dickert?


Call me


Simon Girty


So far tonight I have gotten calls from New York State, Northern Wisconsin and California. I expect more to  come in.

I  have yet to talk to anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Many of them tell me that they see this as a “Good Old Boy Deal” and ask me if I think  a payoff was made.


5 Responses to Native Americans come calling count coup on Mayor Dickert

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    From the misconduct of Mayor John Dickert in rigging the vote to the contempt and anger shown by the Meredith family when Cemetery Commission members spoke against the purchase, to the disrespect shown by Mayor John Dickert and Parks and Rec Director Tom Molbeck directed against Native Americans:

    Please don’t patronize MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home. Since they see no problem in ripping off the taxpayers of Racine and using the dirty and underhanded tactics of Lying John DIckert (D) to get their way — it’s likely that they treat their customers with contempt and disrespect.

    This is also a social conscience issue — and people of good character who believe in the Golden Rule — One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, should refuse to do business with them. Be sociable — as that is civilized — but don’t spend one penny with them — there are other fine funeral homes available that do not behave as the Meredith’s have.

    The Meredith disrespect and contempt for the members of the Cemetery Board needs not be answered with disrespect and contempt in return — just a polite refusal to do business with them.

    TO: People with a social conscience – Please DO NOT PATRONIZE MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home.

  2. Mary Magedeline says:

    What’s WRONG with the Meredith Family?

    After the Cemetery Commission REJECTED their application to build their out of place burial crypt on an ancient Native American Burial mound – they threw a hissy fit and Mayor Lying’John Dickert overturned the decision of the Cemetery Commission by rigging the vote.

    Why the SOUR FACES of the Meredith family when they hear that fairness to all residents of Racine should be expected?

    • IMHO its what they think is their due. However I think what they will get (scorn) will make the cost too high.

      • Mary Magedeline says:

        Is this a win?

        “I feel sorry for the family; the family is getting caught up in a squabble between the commission and the city.” Said Mayor John Dickert. The Racine Mayor approved the sale after a tie vote by the common council. He called it a case of sour-grapes by the city’s Cemetery Commission who is against the sale.

        Really? Sour Grapes?

        Why is Lying John allowed to control the narrative? How about the 20 points? The Meredith’s reactions at meetings – caught on tape? The denial by Mayor John Dickert to allow an African American family to purchase the Woman’s Club? The subsequent tax-exempt status granted to the former Woman’s Club in favor of the Merediths?

        After watching the video I honestly don’t think you know what you are talking about – and John Dickert is being allowed to spin this story as he wants – painting those who are for truth and justice in the worst possible light.

        Time to Wake The F*@% up to reality.

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