Is Mayor Dickert possessed by D’Annunzio? Is Racine the new Fiume?

Is Mayor Dickert possessed by D’Annunzio? Is Racine the new Fiume?




Is his Ghost  controlling Mayor John Dickert?



But first a term!  Fascist Corporatism

Fascist corporatism



Fascism’s theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately controlled organizations (corporations). Each trade union or employer corporation would, theoretically, represent its professional concerns, especially by negotiation of labour contracts and the like. This method, it was theorized, could result in harmony amongst social classes.[30] Authors have noted, however, that de facto economic corporatism was also used to reduce opposition and reward political loyalty.[31]


In Italy from 1922 until 1943, corporatism became influential amongst Italian nationalists led by Benito Mussolini. The Charter of Carnaro gained much popularity as the prototype of a ‘corporative state’, having displayed much within its tenets as a guild system combining the concepts of autonomy and authority in a special synthesis.[32] This appealed to Hegelian thinkers who were seeking a new alternative to popular socialism and syndicalism which was also a progressive system of governing labour and still a new way of relating to political governance. Alfredo Rocco spoke of a corporative state and declared corporatist ideology in detail. Rocco would later become a member of the Italian Fascist regime Fascismo.[33]


Italian Fascism involved a corporatist political system in which economy was collectively managed by employers, workers and state officials by formal mechanisms at the national level.[34] This non-elected form of state officializing of every interest into the state was professed to reduce the marginalization of singular interests (as would allegedly happen by the unilateral end condition inherent in the democratic voting process). Corporatism would instead better recognize or ‘incorporate’ every divergent interest into the state organically, according to its supporters, thus being the inspiration for their use of the term totalitarian, perceivable to them as not meaning a coercive system but described distinctly as without coercion in the 1932 Doctrine of Fascism as thus:



When brought within the orbit of the State, Fascism recognizes the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which divergent interests are coordinated and harmonized in the unity of the State.[35]




[The state] is not simply a mechanism which limits the sphere of the supposed liberties of the individual… Neither has the Fascist conception of authority anything in common with that of a police ridden State… Far from crushing the individual, the Fascist State multiplies his energies, just as in a regiment a soldier is not diminished but multiplied by the number of his fellow soldiers.[35]


This prospect of Italian fascist corporatism claimed to be the direct heir of Georges Sorel‘s anarcho-collectivist, such that each interest was to form as its own entity with separate organizing parameters according to their own standards, only however within the corporative model of Italian fascism each was supposed to be incorporated through the auspices and organizing ability of a statist construct. This was by their reasoning the only possible way to achieve such a function, i.e. when resolved in the capability of an indissoluble state. Much of the corporatist influence upon Italian Fascism was partly due to the Fascists’ attempts to gain endorsement by the Roman Catholic Church that itself sponsored corporatism.[36]


However fascism’s corporatism was a top-down model of state control over the economy while the Roman Catholic Church’s corporatism favoured a bottom-up corporatism, whereby groups such as families and professional groups would voluntarily work together.[36][37] The fascist state corporatism influenced the governments and economies of a number of Roman Catholic countries, such as the government of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and António de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal, but also Konstantin Päts and Karlis Ulmanis in non-Catholic Estonia and Latvia. Fascists in non-Catholic countries also supported Italian Fascist corporatism, including Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists who commended corporatism and said that “it means a nation organized as the human body, with each organ performing its individual function but working in harmony with the whole”.[38] Mosley also considered corporatism as an attack on laissez-faire economics and “international finance”.[38]

António de Oliveira Salazar was not associated with Mussolini, quite the opposite. António de Oliveira Salazar banished the fascist party in Portugal and distanced himself from and his regime from all fascist regimes in Europe. Portugal remained neutral throughout the 2nd World War. António de Oliveira Salazar had a striking dislike for both Marxism and Liberalism. The regime in Portugal during the reign of António de Oliveira Salazar was more considered as Catholic Corporatism. António de Oliveira Salazar himself said “Our Dictatorship clearly resembles a fascist Dictatorship in the reinforcement of authority, in the war declared against certain principles of democracy, in its accentuated nationalist character, in its preoccupation of social order. However, it differs from it in its process of renovation. The fascist dictatorship tends towards a pagan Caesarism, towards a state that knows no limits of a legal or moral order, which marches towards it goal without meeting complications or obstacles. The Portuguese New State, on the contrary, cannot avoid, not think of avoiding, certain limits of a moral order which it may consider indispensable to maintain in its favour of its reforming action” Salazar 1933



OK what am I saying?

As I see this all Our Mayor is doing everything he can to turn Racine into an image of glory where the right type of White Rich can have power and prestige. That the public’s job is to shut up and pay our taxes .

Our reward is to bask in the reflected glory of Mayor John Dickert and perhaps if we are worthy come Downtown  and drink our cares away!

Some say that our Mayor is a fool and is a tool of others, I think not. IMHO The Mayor over the past few years has created  a power base unknown outside of Chicago.

He has taken over CAR 25 and turned it in to a propaganda outlet.  I understand that NONE of the old CAR 25 producers are making shows anymore.  I, myself have offered to simply volunteer  to help as directed and I have herd nothing since.

That as I see it many of Dickert’s pals now sit on committees that oversee city operations such as the Board of Ethics


NOTE  Jerger-Osterman sits on the Cable Commission her husband is County Supervisor and worked on the City Hall Bathrooms.

The Public can no longer speak freely during public comments the rules have changed to as I see it prevent this.

Is it so the public outcry to come with the upcoming budget can be muted? After all does not Mayor Dickert know best?

Has all the Black Owned bars Downtown get closed so White Rich folks will not be scared to drink downtown or live at Porters should that ever get built?

Has Doug Nicholson become a distributor to go one on one with CJW?  Will he get city businesses from the civic center?

Is our Mayor using the city to enrich his pals?


Next what might be Mayor Dickert’s vision for Racine?



2 Responses to Is Mayor Dickert possessed by D’Annunzio? Is Racine the new Fiume?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Well, let’s look and see here….

    City of Racine 9th. District Alderman:

    Terrence McCarthy
    (262) 770-7390

    Both I and my wife Jeanne are originally from Michigan. We ended up in Racine as a result of my job with Volkswagen. When I transferred from the United Kingdom to Libertyville, IL, we searched for a place with unique character – not just another suburb. We fell in love with the city of Racine. We have 2 children – Chloe, graduated from university and living in London and Max, now attending UW Stevens Point. Both graduated from St. Catherine. I also have an older son, Colin, who works in downtown Chicago in Information Technology.

    VW was one of the earliest FASCIST partnerships in Germany and a favorite of Adolph Hitler.

    YES – it makes sense.

    Real Americans don’t support fascists – or fascism – Please don’t purchase VW automobiles.

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