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Project New Life Community Development to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney Generals Office and the U.S. Department of Justice against the City of Racine’s Department of City Development.
Project New Life will file a complaint alleging the Department of City Development has exhibited official misconduct , public integrity and violated civil rights of minority agencies that manage grant resources throughout the City of Racine.  A class-action lawsuit is also being considered as an option to eliminate the on-going disparity and poor administration by the Department of City Development in grant resource opportunities between majority and minority owned agencies.
Included in the complaint is the unreasonable, biased and targeted effort of the Racine Department of City Development to “Blacklist” minorities agencies receiving funding to re-direct City funding to non-minority agencies.  This process of collusion ultimately eliminates these agencies for consideration of future funding opportunities and creates a disparity in the funding market.  Inequalities in grant management and scrutiny of minority agencies compared  with non-minority agencies is also a factor that is part of the complaint to be investigated.  Project New Life’s request to the Department of City Development for a qualified low-income veteran to occupy the property located at 1017 Marquette Street on a lease-purchase agreement was rejected by the Department of City Development.  There is no substantiated or material grounds for the rejection of this proposed plan that would have allowed the property to be occupied by a qualified, low-income potential homebuyer while providing them the best opportunity to secure a loan for purchase in the primary lending market.

A news conference to announce the filing of the complaint is scheduled for next month and will be provided to all media outlets shortly

4 Responses to Flash News!!!!

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    In addition to these complaints the City of Racine is facing 4 more lawsuits over property tax assessments.

    2013CV001451 Sears Holding Corporation vs. City of Racine

    2013CV001518 Racine Joint Venture II LLC vs. City of Racine

    2013CV001546 Regency West Apartments LLC vs. City of Racine

    2013CV001848 Regency West Apartments LLC vs. City of Racine

    The City of Racine is also suing Project New Life:

    2013CV001456 City of Racine vs. Project New Life Inc

    It seems as though the legal controversies and legal costs in Racine will never stop because of the incredible incompetence and arrogance of the Dickert Administration and Mayor John Dickert’s complete inability to hire competent leadership at all levels! All he hires is “Yes-Men” – who are leading Racine to Ruin!

    Clean out City Hall and FIRE everybody!

  2. The Development Department is a good starting point. It is unfortunate the current executive administration for the City of Racine has refused to acknowledge any of the many significant issues residents of Racine have been raising. Hiring lawyers becomes necessary when you are shut out and cannot get the ear of those public servants who are elected or appointed to help the public. Censoring the public, competing with the public, slanting stories and leaving out important details and then lampooning the public are the tactics of this administration and it is causing reactions such as this.

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    Considering that the 2012 audited financial report just came out – this lawsuit might be the least of the City’s problems.


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