Downtown Racine


Well Party on the Pavement is this weekend. The last big Drunk Fest  I mean push for shopping before Thanksgiving.

How ever with so few non drinking businesses and so  many bars  what is there to buy in Downtown other then booze?

So my guess is we will hear a call for City Hall to do more. With HUGE cuts coming to Racine in City spending, do you think we need Police  or some type of spending to try to get folks downtown?

What is your thought on the next business to close the doors for good?

What can you buy in Downtown Racine?


3 Responses to Downtown Racine

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    What can you buy in Downtown Racine?

    ELECTIONS! and VOTES! That is what is actually bought and sold in Downtown Racine.

    People with a social conscience need to consider avoiding Downtown Racine and not spending one penny down there. The Downtown Bar Owners have showed that they are no friends of the hard-working and large number of unemployed people in the City by supporting Mayor John DIckert and his wealth transfer schemes that have only resulted in friends and family receiving rigged and preferred contracts, taxpayer funds, Team Porters, etc. etc.

    Please DO NOT PATRONIZE: MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home, Any of Joey LeGath’s Bars (Joey’s), the Peg & Lou’s chain of bars, the McAuliffe bars in Downtown Racine and Georgetown, The bars of Doug Nicholson – ENVI, Ivanhoe and the Carriage House Liquor Co., Michigan Pub, Copacetic, or Osterman Granite and Marble.

  2. Tammy Kilborn says:

    I’ll bet Dover Flag & Map goes under soon, it’ll be sad cause they were a long standing, good business for downtown. What’s really left down there anyhow? It’s a sad drunken ghost town.

    • They might be my choices be more ironic. Both as I see whore for the Mayor but the Pimp is not giving them much.
      Will go to show that Mom/Dad/Kids are NOT coming to Downtown Racine, there is very little to shop for if your not drinking.

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