Well then


Got an email tonight that tells me that two stores in Downtown Racine maybe closing soon as I see it before Xmas.

Stores close everyday in the real world and we seen lots of store closings in Racine.

Being as I see it big downtown boasters and pals of if not themselfs Good Old boys know and like to pal around with the Good Old Boys, however a store needs customers (or a Mayor who can send $$ to them) or the doors close.

Should the info be right  a few weeks should tell us what the deal is be interesting to see the cover stories to explain yet more dead space.

FYI I and others have “hired” homeless to do customer counts to tell us how many are coming to different Stores and I got to say the numbers are telling.

IMHO now is not going to be a good time for the downtown stores.

At the same time the area around 31/11  31/20 is booming very much so. Just think few if any bar bars and I even feel safe in that area at night unlike I do in the Downtown area of Racine.

Oh Blacks and HIspanics are welcome too Wow what an idea!


Sad thing is maybe if they had not drunk the John Dickert Kool Aid they could have seen this coming and got out with  $$ maybe.

Lets see what happens



4 Responses to Well then

  1. Tammy Kilborn says:

    Have you drivin around downtown lately? It’s a fucking GHOSTOWN!! People go downtown to get fucked up in the bars, why else would you go down there? What shopping would you really do downtown? Besides that, you have to fit the city’s ridiculous mold of not being black or asian or too young or too old, I mean most people have said “fuck it” and go hang out in Kenosha, it really is much nicer and well run.

  2. your ruminations are right on. Yes, what does takes this area so long to see what is clear as day?? Clearly there is resistance to any examination of significance regarding real resident issues. Those used to public government perks are not listening. A clean sweep is coming because of courage like yours. You and others too are turning ears and eyes and may be just maybe Racine will yet reform. IMHO the current administration shows no signs of reform, nor is it listening to residents and the pressure to bring this to light is intensifying. The man recorded giving his 3-minutes worth at I believe a recent committee of the whole re street light removals was told by the president of the committee that everyone who speaks gets a reply back……such BS. How many of us who have bothered to stand up and speak about an issue get any answer? At least Jim Smith and Gary Becker would pick up the phone and attempt to talk it out. This administration is shut off and cloistered and is disfunctional and lawless while it is aggrandizing and partying into the night.

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    Downtown Racine is a ghosttown. Tens of millions have been squandered to dress it up – and no one is there. There is a viable business community in Downtown Racine, but it is small. The Community would have been better served if Porters and some other buildings had been torn down and convenient parking and corner parks were created.

    The foreclosure of Main Marine and Ski has scared the hell out of the Downtown business community. The owner desperately tried to sell it – and found the business to be unsaleable – as many other Downtown business owners are learning. This will end in bankruptcy for many. The JT has completely ignored the foreclosure – likely on a directive from City Hall.

    It’s going to be another cold winter – with no customers in Downtown Racine – and the utility bills will pile up. Downtown business owners have been stressed to max – and 2014 will see many more shops and restaurants close in Downtown Racine. Lying’ John and the Racine Tourist Bureau can claim all day that Tourists will save the day- and that millions is coming in – but the VISIBLE truth says otherwise.

    These are just the businesses/commercial for sale that is listed on First Weber – there are 104 businesses/commercial for sale in Racine and those in the know are headed for the exit! There are many more that aren’t listed on the First Weber site.


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