I talk to a Ho Chunk Elder.


“The Ho Chunk people are credited as being the mound builders within the region. The large effigy and conical mounds are found in southern Wisconsin and along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, these were solely the long inhabited areas of the pre-Columbian Ho Chunk people. These effigy mounds appear in the shapes of animals and birds, and many contain burials. It is important to note that all of these mounds were built with primitive equipment and by hand. They are so symmetrically accurate that it is amazing to view them today with the assistance of a compass.”


Got a call from a Mrs Newkirk from Baraboo WI last night about the City’s idea to sell what many see as an Effigy Mound, she told me that she thought the Tribe had heard about this possible desecrationf  of graves but would be sure that Tribal leadership  did.

She called not about what might happen but to tell me stories about should the area in question is a grave and is ruined by others for money what she thought might happen, not good, not good at all.

Native Americans have strong spiritual roots too and believe that true evil is punished in very painful ways.

IMHO I can think of few greater evils then   desecration  of graves outside of Murder and like crimes.

At the very least a curse I think would be laid on not only City Leadership but those who may be put in that spot to rest, in this case not to rest until the 2nd coming but as I see it, souls in agony for all time.  Wow yes I think Native Americans would not be fooling around when it came to  payback.

Myself, I not take that chance, a lot of places to be buried. Why even take the risk?

Oh well sometimes bad folks get what’s coming to them.

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