An Unpleasant question



How much did Racine County lose on Reefpoint this year?   How much does the county plan to spent in reinvesting in this?

Has anyone said how long before “we” see a return on all the Goverment spending on this? Or is this nothing but a game to funnel money to the pockets “The right people” on the County Board?

Is this somehow going to be used as a segue to see more spending for the rich white of Downtown Racine?

How do you think the voters west of the I will feel?

4 Responses to An Unpleasant question

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Racine County Taxpayers need only to understand that they need to – SURRENDER – and give County Executive Jim Ladwig whatever he needs to engage in a partnership between Corporate and Governmental interests!

    FASCISM in action!~

    The best example of FASCISM in action is the dynamic duo of Mr. Monte Osterman-Jerger and Mary Jerger! A second example would be the Partners of Mrs. John Dickert and Mr. Theresa Murphy! One is an elected, and seemingly unaccountable public official with a beneficiary of the RUSD taxing authority! They have created absolutely NO value whatsoever! Nothing but liabilities in Raacine!

    Fascism blends Government with Corporate interests and blurs all distinctions between the private and public sector!

    I’m a California Man! SURRENDER!

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    One thing is for sure.

    While intellectuality challenged Alderman Jim Kaplan is proposing his smoking ban in Racine – the finances of The City of Racine fall in dis-array. Smoking in public is now the TOPIC of discussion in Racine?

    Yes – indeed – the residents of Racine are being played- and are too stupid to realize it.

    • You do not expect the ones in charge to do anything other then pander or go down on their knees do you? This is Racine we are just going to rearrange the deck chairs.
      Nothing is wrong nothing

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    The answer is: “Bodhisattva”

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