And so it Begins

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From the Journal Times 9/16/2014

PD losing extra officers

“… The Racine Police Department will be faced with the task of reducing its force next spring when a grant that provided the department with three extra officers runs out,…”


“…With the city going into what is expected to be another tight budget process this fall, there is almost no chance the city would have the money to take on the cost of keeping the police force at the elevated number of 202 officers, Howell said….”


Of course as I see it the RPD  along with the Fire Department will see massive cuts. Why? Easy The City of Racine has no money and as I understand it 200 Million in debit, with more to come.

We are starting to like Detroit having to pay for the years of insane spending by our leadership.


Sadly there is little we can do. We do need to write our elected leaders, go to the city meeting and politely express  how we think. Expect however when we do to be ridiculed if not thought to be terrorists for sharing our thoughts.  After all folks like



and imagesGH

Know more then we do. The Mayor I am sure tells them so.  Perhaps he has promised them City Jobs

Maybe the ring of the words Mr. President rings in ears so loudly nothing else matters, perhaps the words are more effective then say little blue pills?

Fact of the matter is Racine has no money, Walker is not going to bail us out nor is Obama.

Even the County who has been covering unpaid property taxes by City Property owners who quit paying them will be unable to do so once the County West of the I understands how much their own taxes maybe going up just to pay for Reef Point Marina.  The county will soon be forced to quit aiding the City of Racine.

Some may hope that the New Casino in Kenosha will pay the bills for Racine sorry not happening. Its at least 5 years away if it even gets built.

No worries for our Mayor my guess is he still be going to France as the gangs rule the streets and those who can flee.

Wait until most of the population who can pay property taxes are gone leaving only those to poor to pay but needing city services as they work low paying jobs if work at all.

Also expect:

The closing of a fire Station

Closing of Rec Centers

The RPL closing two days a week.

But do not fear RootWorks and Porter’s will get what they need.



8 Responses to And so it Begins

  1. Downtown Brown says:

    Public library to close 2 days a week. I see no problem with that Sundays and Wednesdays would work.

    3 less cops? I think we can do without those as well, especially since the Sheriffs dept seems to have 6 full time Dep’s just to write speeding tickets on the Straightest stretch of road in the state (I’94)!

    So if city of Racine needs additional police support the Sheriffs dept can fill in the shortages. Saves money all around. I also understand we can get by with one less fire station.

    It doesn’t address the City hall remodeling extravagances. But we need to make some big cuts now.

    • We do need to make the cuts,I start with the City Administrator and put City retirees on Obamacare. I also sell off every parcel of unused Real Estate the City owns.
      200 Million in debit is a huge amount.
      This election is a great wake up call to remove the Yes Men from office.
      I think an effort will be made to force some of Dickert’s pals to close doors too.

      • Teasers says:

        Really downtown brown? Well with that logic I suppose we “could” get by with 2 fire stations and we “could” get by with 50-60 police officers, but just make sure the Porters millionaires get their taxpayer dollars and keep that Root River debacle funded. Racine needs to cut from the top down, those at the top are obviously not doing the job. Have you looked at the Health Dept budget??? How about the over inflated, outrageous budget of the MIS dept? Couple those with the bloated unnecessary job of the useless city administrator and the mayor and well, there ya go.

    • I don’t believe this community should have library hours cut or less police on the street. Leave the parks alone! There are much more appropriate cuts that could be made. Agree with racineinruins. And leave our parks as free parks thank you. Cut the entire Development Department for lack of developments that make any sense. Get rid of this Redeveiopment Authority of the City of Racine which is yet another executive layer of government and is being used by this top heavy executive administration to privatize the river and penalize the residents who live here. Racine is too broke to be giving millions to a Porter’s development with money that was designated for ‘distressed’ areas. And, yes, there is too much marble, too much granite and too many big hats for inflated fatheads already on desolation row.

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    What’s important is the perception of Racine having a Police and Fire Department. Criminals in Racine BEWARE – The Dream Police anticipate your every move!

    HEY! Your home is equipped with City provided water! If you want Fire Protection buy yourself a fire hose and a bucket! Meet your neighbors and have everyone buy a bucket for each member of the family! It’s Lying’ John’s latest money saving tip to use volunteers while he parties in France! Neighborhood volunteer bucket brigades! Buy your buckets today!

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    A Community acting out of desperation – in a likely illegal action that will finish off Richmond, CA.

    “California city OKs plan to seize underwater mortgages using eminent domain

    A San Francisco Bay Area city is moving ahead with its first-in-the-nation plan to use the government’s constitutional power of eminent domain to seize hundreds of underwater mortgages.

    The Richmond City Council voted 4-3 early Wednesday to set up a Joint Powers Authority to bring more cities into the plan. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin says the city of El Monte in Southern California has expressed interest, and she believes other cities will follow.

    Under the plan, Richmond would use eminent domain to seize the underwater mortgages. It would then offer the bank fair market value for it and give the homeowner a new loan that would lower monthly payments and improve the owner’s chances of staying.

    Banks have filed lawsuits to stop Richmond from going ahead.

    Other council members warned of a backlash from financial institutions, noting Richmond had no takers last month when the successor to its redevelopment agency put $34 million of bonds up for sale to refinance previous debt. The eminent domain plan had been disclosed to the U.S. municipal bond market. ”

    Will Racine follow?

  4. Lizzy Borden says:

    From The JT: Aldermen move toward banning smoking at city recreation areas

    RACINE — Outdoor smoking would be banned in all city recreational areas under an ordinance alderman have directed the city attorney to formulate.

    Meeting as a Committee of the Whole on Monday evening, aldermen voted 7-1 to have the ordinance drafted. It would prohibit smoking and smoking by-products such as cigar and cigarette butts in city parks and park shelters, golf courses, playgrounds, beaches and sports complexes such as Horlick Athletic Field. The ordinance as proposed would include designated parking areas.

    Face it Racine – This is just a diversionary tactic from a Common Council that doesn’t exhibit an aggregate IQ above 90. Jim Kaplan, the Alderman who has proposed this Ordinance likely has an IQ under 85, possibly 70. Racine is in serious financial trouble under the failure os Lying’ John and Questionable Competent Tom – and people want to argue about smoking in public? Who’s Under The Table?

    HEY! For that matter – where is the “Blue Dress” hiding in Racine?

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