New Blog in town

Getting close to Budget time in Racine.

The knives are out here is the newest Blog

Do you think Mayor John Dickert Feels the Love?

One Response to New Blog in town

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Racine Community Media also has an eye opening article concerning Dishonest John’s lack of mathematical ability:

    Mayor John Dickert and City Administrator Tom Friedel talked with Journal Times reporter Paul Sloth about Dickert’s claim last week that the city’s tax levy – the amount of money raised with local property taxes – would increase 1 percent under his plan, even though the numbers clearly showed the mayor was seeking a 2.7 percent increase in the levy. Sloth flagged the discrepancy in his budget story, we followed up with questions, and apparently City Council members were also confused.

    Friedel admitted to Sloth the math used to get the 1 percent number was confusing, but Dickert refused to own up to the muddled math.

    “I didn’t see the confusion at all. The taxpayers in my estimation are concerned about layoffs, furloughs and services,” Dickert told Sloth. “I’m doing what the taxpayers asked me, ‘Mayor how much are you raising my budget?’ I’m raising it 1 percent. We’ve tried to play this budget as straight as possible.”

    PARTY ON! Lying John!

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