Desecration of Graves as a way to make Money in Racine?

Wow Where do I begin?

Met Mr X early this morning at Mound Cemetery, told me a very strange story.  Parts confirmed  by Tom Molbeck of the Racine Parks Department

From what I understand that a third Party will be buying  part of the Cemetery for their use the part they want is THE INDIAN MOUND!

What? are not Indian Mounds sacred sites and should be treated accordingly?   Or perhaps The City of Racine under Mayor John Dickert desperate for funds that we as a City will desecrate graves?


Oh what fun! Lets just rip up Sacred Sites for a few $$! Mayor Dickert needs the Cash! Who cares if oh the tribes get pissed off and sue to stop this from taking place. After all is not all of Racine for benefit of  the White and Rich of Racine

Better yet maybe the Tribe that wants to build the Casino in Kenosha  hears about this Desecration gets pissed off and joins the suit or maybe just maybe refuses to hire from the City of Racine! Being a Sovereign nation  nothing Racine can do about that.

Why stop there?  Another way for Mayor Dickert can make money is this:

Find the Graves of every Civil or WWI Soldier and dig them up for the Gold Teeth!  At 1000 an Oz just think of the Money the Mayor would have!! Hey even the War Dead from poor families can help!

What the hell they are dead why care?


Racine needs the money bad.

And of course Mayor Dickert might like to do the old WWII thing of taking Gold teeth from the Poor who have Gold Teeth before we begin to harvest Organs like like his pals in the PRC do!


Gee who do you think will get the City Contract to do the Gravestones as talked about below?

Might it be the same company that did the Marble  at the City Hall Bathrooms?

Even in Death John Dicket collects his cut


Call or Email the Mayor of Racine and tell him

how you feel about possible  Desecrating of

Graves and crony capitalism in Racine.

So proud to live in Racine under Mayor John Dickert!

Update #1

Confirmed that the State of Wisconsin has been contacted and will be sure that the ring thing is done

Confirmed that a Writer from New Your State is asking questions about what is going on

Confirmed that Rev Al Sharption has been notified and his help sought to be sure the right thing is done

Unconfirmed Mayor Dickert has a headache

Be more of this selling of everything possible to keep the City of Racine going but will it be used to keep Police on the Job or fund toys like Rootworks?


Mr. Clingman,

We have checked our records for the Mound Cemetery mounds and have determined that the area that may be platted and sold is likely outside of the boundaries of the mound group.  The only known map of the entire mound group—and the source of the later 1903 Hoy map and other maps—was completed in 1850 by Increase Lapham.   Lapham’s maps, while very nice, are often not accurately scaled.    His map of the Racine area is not one of the best he produced.  As a result, precise mound locations cannot be determined from that map or other maps based on it.    Former Wisconsin Historical Society archaeologist Charles E. Brown visited the cemetery in 1902 and found several intact mounds…but not at the location in question.  We understand that the circular area enclosed by the roads may have come to be identified as a mound at a later date, but have no evidence to support that identification.  As a result, under Wis. Stats. 157.70 we cannot require the cemetery to conduct archaeological survey or prevent the sale of new grave lots.  We have, however, recommended that they do hire an archaeologist just to forestall concerns and we understand that they have already made contact with UW-Milwaukee.  If an archaeological investigation is carried out any report will be delivered to the contracting agency—in this instance the cemetery authority.  You will have to request a copy from them.

Amy L. Rosebrough

Staff Archaeologist

State Archaeology and Maritime Preservation Program

Wisconsin Historical Society

816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706


Collecting, Preserving and Sharing Stories Since 1846.

Not the best news in the world if you  like preserving History  but Good news if $$ means more then anything else.

Confirmed Others are making contact with Native Tribes  to see what they think.  Interesting how this is allowing the outside world see Racine as many of us may.

Do YOU trust the City to do anything to preserve History of Nonwhite my bad non rich whites?

Update III

2 Responses to Desecration of Graves as a way to make Money in Racine?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Tammy Baldwin for Murdering Brown People! After all – America has a long history of murdering Brown People!

    Values? The values of Tammy Baldwin? Stealing land from Brown People and putting them on a “Reservation” !!

    Communist Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President?

    Why not – Especially since Tammy Baldwin wants to justify murdering more Brown People?

    Obama established Double Standards? OF COURSE! Exactly like the Root River Siren, John Dickert and best Little Buddy Jim Ladwig!

    Who Needs High Speed Rail? Scott Walker Has His “Brown Bag Express”

    Karl Marx for President!

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    Face it – John Dickert thinks way TOO small!

    Help John Dickert, along with best buds Representative Cory “The Tick” Mason, Senator Tammy Baldwin, President Barack Obama and Little Buddy Jim Ladwig Help Kickstart World War III!

    Lots of graves there to desecrate!

    Please – do your part!

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