I miss Bush a lot. Then we had a real leader someone who I thought cared and cared a lot.

Back then, I also thought that the local GOP in Racine County cared too, that that group would help fight back the foolishness of this nutcase

John Dickert

The City Hall Bathrooms spending, the CAR 25 Give away, and the rest.

Now of course   they did little not even to help recall IMHO a true Rhino one of Dickert’s right hand men


Who with his help IMHO much of the overspending, streetlight removing ,strangeness would not be able to happen..

Is that not what Bush would do defend the weak? Root out evil?  I thought so. I did.  To my understanding the GOP nor the Tea Party of Racine is willing to do anything. Why?

Is it because   if they did the Poor might be helped?



Or maybe they thought there was nothing they could do, after all Racine is a Democratic Party city, it be hard to do anything.

Then I thought Bush would have tried, John Wayne would have tried. Even in losing one I was taught stood up to evil men go down fighting   like the Alamo Wake Island Men stood and died fighting

but not in Racine. To me looks like all that matters is the R after then name and simply to get along.

or just maybe there is now no difference in Racine County between Democrats and Republicans

Does this explain life in Racine County?

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

That anything goes if the “Party” can get a share of power too?

After all Paul Ryan can vote to have the NSA  spy on the Public because of the R after his name, right?

Might there not be any difference between Democrat and Republican  in Racine County?

We just pay the bills and there are lots of them and more coming.

Think Union Grove wants to pay for the Failing Downtown of Racine? Waterford wants to pay for The Uptown?   The Farmers West of the I want to pay for Rootworks?

Guess that with out the local GOP standing up and saying “NO!” its going to happen

and many of them are too busy having a party to protect your interests then too that might mean they all just cant get along


But do you know HOW those uncollected taxes are made whole?

Well – by County Executive Jim Ladwig and the County Taxpayers! HOW CONVENIENT!  TRUE – it is the law – but why is Jim so silent on the disaster approaching Racine?

Per the City of Racine 2011 Audited Financial Statement:

2. Receivables
Property taxes are levied in November on the assessed value as of the prior January 1. In addition to property taxes for the City, taxes are collected for and remitted to the state and county governments as well as the local school district and technical college district. Taxes for all state and local governmental units billed in the current year for the succeeding year are reflected as receivables and due to other taxing units on the accompanying agency fund statement of fiduciary net assets.

Accounts receivable have been shown net of an allowance for uncollectible accounts. Delinquent real estate taxes as of July 31 are paid in full by the county, which assumes the collection thereof.

Got that? Jim Ladwig has to cover Lying’ John’s tax deficiency’s – which have been growing increasingly ever larger!

In OTHER WORDS – Your County Taxes cover the City of Racine Taxes!

Racine County Jane Nikolai is just there to provide cover … and Half-truths!”

as for me I cant vote for any of them at the local level. I can’t vote for Ryan anymore






4 Responses to Sadly

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Which Side are you on Tammy – which side are you on?

    On which side are you on Wanny – which side are you on?

    Which side are you on Jimbo? Which side are you on?

    Taking cues from Lying’ John and funding Osterman!

    Ain’t one god-damned bit of difference between the Republicrats in Racine and Wisconsin – only a fight for more tax $$$, bigger salaries, more tax-free compensation and early retirement so they can flee to an income tax-free State or get a second taxpayer funded job!

    Enjoy the Mind-Rape, WIsconsin

  2. Mary M. says:

    “Society has been structured for a few centuries now such that we are expected to voluntarily give up some of our wealth to governing bodies, and in return they will “ honestly and prudently” govern for the betterment and cohesiveness of society, so that we can collectively live in peace with each other. That is the theory of the Social Contract.

    As I talk with friends and clients, there is rising anger at how the resources we all “voluntarily” turn over to governments are being squandered, wasted, fraudulently re-allocated, and that a ruling, governing, elitist class is rapidly emerging (Hunger Games) that subsists extravagantly on these taxes, not to mention the entitlement class that also has come to depend on the largesse of the working class. ”

    The Republicrats only work hand in hand to increase their take of the pie and increase their power over the working class while robbing them blind!

    ” The Social Contract is broken not by wealth inequality per se but by the illegitimate process of wealth acquisition, i.e. the state has tipped the scales in favor of the few behind closed doors and routinely ignores or bypasses the intent of the law even as the state claims to be following the narrower letter of the law.

    By this definition, the Social Contract in America has been completely smashed. One sector after another is dominated by cartel-state partnerships that are forged and enforced in obscure legislation written by lobbyists. Once the laws have been riddled with loopholes and the regulators have been corrupted, “no one is above the law” has lost all meaning.

    Those who violate the intent of the law while managing to conjure an apparent compliance with the letter of the law are shysters, scammers and thieves who exploit the intricate loopholes of the system, all the while parading their compliance as evidence the system is fair and just. In this way, the judicial system becomes part of the illegitimate process of wealth accumulation.

    In America, political and financial Elites are above the intent of the law. Is bribery of politicos illegal? Supposedly it is, but in practice it is entirely and openly legal.

    This is the norm in banana republics, whose ledgers are loaded with thousands of codes and regulations that are routinely ignored by those in power. In the Banana Republic of America, financial crimes go uninvestigated, unindicted and unpunished: banks and their management are essentially immune to prosecution because the crimes are complex (tsk, tsk, it’s really too much trouble to investigate) and they’re “too big to prosecute.”

    The rot has seeped from the financial-political Aristocracy to the lower reaches of the social order. The fury of those still working legitimate jobs and paying their taxes is grounded in a simple, obvious truth: America is now dominated by scammers, cheaters, grifters and those gaming the system, large and small, to increase their share of the swag. ”

    There will be no relief in Racine!

  3. Mary M. says:

    Dishonest John claims to be a “Developer”.

    It makes as much sense as Karl Marx for President!

    Lying’John along with little Buddy Jim Ladwig don’t think the voters are stupid- they KNOW IT!

    KARL MARX FOR PRESIDENT! ( from former local boy Mark Dice)

    Obama Supporters Sign Fake Petition Supporting Karl Marx For President in 2016 as the Candidate for the Democrat Party After Being Told “Obama Has Endorsed Him.” Filmed in San Diego, California. Featuring Mark Dice.

  4. Bloody Mary says:

    Peace Frog!

    There’s blood in the streets it’s up to my ankles,
    Blood in the streets it’s up to my knee;
    Blood in the streets, the town of Chicago.
    Blood on the rise, it’s following me.
    Just about the break of day.

    She came, then she drove away,
    Sunlight in her hair.

    Blood on the streets runs a river of sadness.
    Blood in the streets, it’s up to my thigh.
    The river runs down the legs of the city;
    The women are crying red rivers of weeping.

    She came in town and then she went away,
    Sunlight in her hair.

    Indians scattered on dawn’s highway.
    Bleeding ghosts crowd the young childs fragile eggshell mind.

    Blood in the streets of the town of New Haven;
    Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice.
    Blood in my love in the terrible summer;
    Bloody red sun of fantastic L.A.
    Blood screams her brain as they chop off her fingers.
    Blood will be born in the birth of a nation;
    Blood is the rose of mysterious union.

    There’s blood in the streets it’s up to my ankles,
    Blood in the streets it’s up to my knee;
    Blood in the streets, the town of Chicago.
    Blood on the rise, it’s following me.

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