Route Red 00


What am I talking about?

Easy, I think as the Casino gets going we will see a new Bus route come into existence to make sure all the City of Racine Workers can get to the jobs that will be paying them so much!

This route will have one or two stops on the North side of tow, the Transit Center two stops on the South side then UW Parkside  then the Casino.

This again will be sold as a jobs requirement I see the Casino picking up say 50% Parkside say 30%, the County a bit the rest from the City of Racine, if I am right in my guess and I think I will be, the back story is that all efforts will be made to make sure that every Mother’s son who wants to lose $$ at the Casino can. Why?

That’s easy every Penney spend on building this (Casino) will come from those silly enough to think that Gambling is an sure way out from the Poverty of Racine (The Racine of Mayor John Dickert). The Casino will know almost to the penny how much $$ comes from the Poor of Racine.

Take the time to research on line the types of  folks who gamble, if you  cant do that just vist one of the many places in Racine and see who is  playing the Slot Machines.

Do you think Mayor Dickeret cares at all that the Poor  will be used to make $$ off?  Well I think not after all the only use he has for them, is to vote Democratic, he might as well rent them out for other uses.

Do not worry! The Casino will invest the $$ made in Downtown Racine right?

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