In the wind


The wind is blowing stories please take the time to hear the breeze yourself you may hear something else then I.


1) The Racine Public Library is expecting major cuts from the City. Plans are under way to close one weekday and shorten hours on others.  If true this comes as no shock after all we can’t have Blacks read can we? The Whites need only to read the Journal Times. 

Sadly the way RUSD teaches can anyone read in Racine? From what I understand the Mayor has never checked out a book.   Yes in Racine the Mayor can go to France but your kids may soon not be able to read about that country. 

2) The 7 now joined by Mr. M. Interesting guy Mr. M.  he 1000% believes that the county executive is controlled by Mayor John Dickert and will on Oct 1st unless every building behind  on back taxes in Downtown Racine has the necessary work started to have them seized by the County, will start a Blog with a newsletter to show how the County is sending tax $$ to keep Downtown Racine afloat there by hurting Racine West of the I. 

As I understand Mr. M has the addresses/Emails of major $$ contributors to the GOP and will be sure that they get the information he is uncovering.  The hope for effect is to remove the County Executive from Office.   

Myself, I do not know how folks in say Union Grove will react to information that funding Downtown Racine will cause there taxes to go up . 

Mr. M has hired kids from Parkside to go over the list of all proprieties behind on taxes and plot them on a map with who owns them and total the amount of Taxes not collected by the County/City of Racine. 

Could be a fun Fall.  

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