Ho Chunk Weekend!



Went up to see my kin, talked about the Casino in Baraboo, we knew a few who worked/had worked there and from what we could recall O.K. jobs pay was not much more then working at the “Farm Store”

Better jobs if you got in management (most jobs here Natives had) or Tech skills fixing the Machines.

Good jobs if low paying.

I was told that the Casino was working on efforts to keep players  at the site.  More food chooses more and wider entertainment to come they said.

I went to give  the Tribe $5. Doing so I walked around the place, nice clean noise lights lots of lights.

Sometimes the gamers looked like they came from Wal-Mart staff was nice, nice ,nice.

But the gamers where not going to leave here and go to the Dells or Baraboo both less then 10 MIns away why should they?

I asked and was allowed to see a Hotel room Very nice! Cost was ave for a hotel Room I think and the Staff again very nice.

After my “Donation” via a Dean Martin theme game went to see the Rendezvous this was located in a part of Baraboo  that the City/county has spent $$ to fix up make “Green” to bring in business Same consultants used that we did for the Rootworks. Nice time seeing the crafts and learning about Wisconsin Pre-1848.


After that I went to South Baraboo looks very nice away from the City. Lots of Birds and I think I saw a Golden Eagle

but no new businesses.

No the River Path has brought no $$ to Baraboo spent a lot.  Nice to see that most of the work was donated vs $$ to a crony of the Mayor, In Baraboo its a part time job as pays like that too.

The Mayor has little power to do much.

Walking around the Downtown that was very empty, I asked where was everyone?  I got told “Ho Chunk.”

Well Baraboo at least has Wildlife and no shit in the River


4 Responses to Ho Chunk Weekend!

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    The Casino issue in Racine and Kenosha will provide smoke and mirrors as cover while officials dance around the budget issues and the spending problems they have. There is no desire to control costs, only a want to continually increase budgets, salaries, tax-free compensation and get a retirement as soon as possible – so they can get another government job.

    A Kenosha Casino will bring far more misery than it’s worth – and will kill off many more local businesses. Remember – that these Menominee are from out of State – and will also be sending money away.

    With the coming end of QE by the Federal Reserve – it is likely the stock market will tank and untold fortunes lost. Pension funds will be hit hard, along with many of Racine’s boating crowd. Thee were already too many empty boat slips in Racine’s filthy harbor – there will be more in 2014. The impression given with Reefpoint Marina was that profits from it would fund the County – LOL – NO! The County will be funding the Marina!

    The growing problem of delinquent and non-paying properties in Racine County is going to increase – and it will become a large issue because it has been allowed to go on for so long that some properties are in arrears for 6+ years!

    Downtown Racine has never looked so good – and yet – SO EMPTY! Many stores are simply painted facades that are for sale – no business inside while others are for hobby use only. YES – there is a viable business community there – but it is small – and in the end – it would have been much better to have torn down parts – like Porters, create convenient parking with corner green spaces – and not have thrown tens of millions away to fund cronies and insiders.

    The government gravy train is starting to run out of funds and more members will need to be thrown under the wheels so others can keep their’s. It all ends in tears and will eventually be sorted out in default!

  2. Lizzy Borden says:

    Shedding more light on the issue:

    State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

    Wisconsin Taxation of Native Americans

    Pub 405: https://racineinruins.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/ho-chunk-weekend/#respond

    Being Tax-Free makes all the difference!

    Who says Native Americans aren’t being employed at the Casinos? Here they are offering employment on the Ho-Chunk site. People forget that many tribal members are mixed – and indistinguishable from Caucasian, Hispanic, and African American people! But they have a HUGE tax-advantage!

    These are the “good paying” jobs Lying’ John is talking about? He doesn’t think the people of Racine are stupid – he knows it!

    Rates of Pay: $9.00 ; $7.00 ; $8.00 ; and $14.00 : http://www.ho-chunknation.com/Publications/JobPostings/JobPostingReport%208-21-13.pdf

    More jobs here: http://www.ho-chunknation.com/?PageId=25

    BTW – people gambling at the Kenosha Casino will then be limited at what they can gamble at local bars and gas stations! (yes – we know it is illegal, but they all pay out! How much do the Bars depend upon those poker machines and strip cards?)

  3. Lizzy Borden says:

    Casino workers:

    Beverage Server = $6.00/hr.

    Cook = $9.00/hr

    Dishwasher = $8.00/hr

    Bartender = $8.00/hr

    Cage Cashier = $10.00/hr.

    WHOO BOY! Racine and Kenosha residents can’t wait for all ‘dem high paying jobs!!

    Please – be sure to TIP the people who serve you!

  4. Lizzy Borden says:

    The official Menominee Site:

    A Message from Menominee Tribal Chairman Craig Corn

    The Menominee Tribe is honored to have received preliminary approval from the U.S. Department of the Interior to establish an $808 million entertainment center and casino at Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha. Our project means more than 3,300 good-paying permanent jobs, 1,400 family-supporting construction jobs, more than $35 million in new annual revenue for the State of Wisconsin, over $19 million in new annual revenue for local governments and schools and a future of economic self-sufficiency for a very poor Wisconsin Tribe.


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