Domain Names to own and piss off John Dickert.


Think of the Web pages from Porn to writing about Corruption going on in Root works!

I will be using the emails that come with the RootWorks ones to write my emails to the EPA and Sen Johnson protesting the $$ that could be spent and asking for an investigation.

IMHO a porn site do a lot to help Downtown Racine Far more then Mayor Dickert going to France.

get all three for $5K  I will even toss in Racine in Ruins Blog!

Downtown Racine a Gated Communty?


An interesting idea was brought to my attention this morning!

Have  Downtown Racine be a gated community!

Put up fencing with Razor wire on top, armed guards at the gates that would allow only the white sorry right kind of folks in (and not allow the Boaters out)

To get in to this community (I  like the Name Dickville after Mayor John Dickert.)

One would have to be check in by passing a credit check, background check. To leave a visitor would have to  produce receipts showing the proper spending  at the right bars owned by paylss of the Mayor. If not visitors would be fined.

Food from City of Racine owned plantations like on Marquette St would be sold at very high prices as the  Mayor of Dickville worked on getting a full line Grocery Store ( Sadly he would find  that there are just to few living in Dickville for the store to make Money no matter how many times his wife stamped her foot  and blamed the Blogers.

Another issue would be the  Root River Pirates raiding Dickville and giving away free Radios that broadcasts the real news of the outside world.


I so see A continuing story coming from this.

Low income folks would only be allowed in to do cleaning and other service work and must be out by dusk, so the sensibilities of residents not be offended.   Getting caught after dark be a major crime.  Of course  The White I mean right kind of Women, who know their place  or how to earn a living in Bed would be brought in perhaps by Boat.

Only Good news would be allowed to be talked about and hats be required to be worn by all.

This just might happen!

Racine the Downtown the Money keeps rolling in



No one is loved as much as Mayor John Dickert

Well no one in Downtown Racine, just think of all the money sent to downtown Racine by this Mayor.

The Facade Grants

The idea that just maybe paying your property taxes is just an idea, then perhaps the business “renting”  space may not be paying rent allowing this business to remain open?    We cant have what few members of the public come downtown to see the  real numbers of open businesses vs empty storefronts can we?  Can Racine be this corrupt? Hell, next I might say our Mayor will sue his own city!

We have the City spending $$ on TID 17 (Porters) now what other spending is the City doing in Downtown Racine? Is this $$ going to projects improving businesses or just allowing the illusions of property?

Speaking of that! See the new Images from CAR 25?  The interesting stories about Downtown? I do not think anyone outside of Racine is seeing the content but the stories do suggest that there is things going on in and around the Downtown.

Is this so Dickert can justify the spending?  Was Oserman given the (sub)contract for part of the City Hall Bathrooms to save his storefronts on Main St? When that (I think $86,000) runs out  will they then close up?

Got told a bit of info I hope to follow up on, that the Boaters do NOT shop further then 1 Block away from the Boats.  If true then very few are even getting to Main, st yet alone 6th St.

Might the $$ from the Boaters not be in the $$ Boat owners spend but on the $$ Goverment units spend  on building/maintaining the Marina?