Spy in the 7?

Breaking!  I will be meeting with Mr. X in the A.M to discuss the possibilities of a Spy in the 7!

This meeting like others to come must be help outside the City of Racine as it was explained to me prevent us from being observed by RPD that Mr X thinks are following him.

As I understand it, info known only to the 7 is being discussed in City Hall (Recall the Laser can be used to pick up voice) my ? is do the 7 have a active spy in City Hall?

What city worker could dislike the Mayor that much? Or better yet what City Worker likes the Mayor?

Do we have an Adult in the Room?


Roomer Room


Awhile ago I had the chance to talk to the County Executive Jim Ladwig about Reef Point Marnia, during that meeting he brought up Rootworks , we talked about that and the Uptown or as I call it *The Pit of Death”


My worry was well what I see as massive misspending by the City on silly projects when we not only have no money but its costing us more to issue Bonds as a City and that cost could go up as Racine sinks further into the Quick Sand that is misspending by Mayor John “I just want to be somebody”  Dickert

Like the $$ for the City Hall Bathrooms and how I saw a Pal of the Mayor making bank and my worries that the same would happen with Rootworks.  The best idea for the Uptown I thought was to Bulldoze it, then use Flamethrowers.

Mr Ladwig said the county would be helping in both areas. He did also say there would be an adult in the room to be sure things were say Copacetic.

I outlined a few ways that a a shady person say with inside information could make a lot of $$ on Rootworks.

Again I was told not to worry, an adult would be in the room.

After reading the last few posts of Racine Exposed. I am very worried that as I see it, Mayor John Dickert is The Kingmaker and pulling all the strings

We know again from Racine Exposed, that the County is not much better off the the City and IMHO be in big debit too.

This will come from spending County money on on what  I see as insane projects for the Uptown, and Rootworks.

I like to know who will be the Adult in the Room and what safeguards will be in place to protect us from a massive boondoggle?

Sure am glad I am not a Farmer in Union Grove and could see massive tax increases  so pals  of Mayor John Dickert get paid.

Death to kids we must have art!



Yes in Racine we must like dead kids after all our City leaders do so much for them.

Read the Paper today?

http://journaltimes.com/news/local/city-rama-mulling-upgrades-at-wustum/article_2bbd9a1e-0560-11e3-9967-001a4bcf887a.html   From the paper today

“Modern upgrades may be on the horizon for the 19th-century farmhouse that houses the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts.

A preliminary construction cost for that proposal would be about $1.2 million, Rafel explained, as opposed to another plan put forth by the architects which would include an elevator and seasonal tent for about $800,000.

Possible changes are still in the early stages, according to the representatives. RAMA Director of Development Laura D’Amato said she was waiting until after Wednesday’s meeting to begin informing most members of the group’s board.

“Just because we’ve got this in front of us, doesn’t mean we’re doing this,” Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Tom Molbeck emphasized Wednesday. “At this point, this is just a drawing that was supposed to come in just to kind of show you (on the board) what was being done, what the possibilities were and why we were doing them.”

And as for money, Molbeck said he had just learned about the proposal’s estimated cost this week, adding, “I can’t tell you (the board) where I’d get 1-point-whatever million dollars from.” ”


How nice 800K-1.2. Million for the rich white of Racine at the same time that  groups like Safe Haven http://www.safehavenofracine.org/   that helps Homeless kids on the street find a safe place (some are run aways from abusive homes. )   must end programs.

Gee how nice  that is , as you know I live in the worst innerr city slum (well one of them) you can think off, My wife and I seen the run aways the Homeless kids and praise to God we help how we could, I hope we made a difference.

Why the rage today? Saw the home on 6th st close and then read the above. I know of the hard work that home did for aiding kids, all kids.

Sadly IMHO our City Leaders are more upset that the   Wustum Museum may have to wait to get money then the fact that we have a lot of young kids on the streets of Racine with no place safe to go.

I have done bad things in the past and fall short of the Glory of God, At least I will not face the Hell Fire  that may await our City Leadership to would rather fund an Art Museum then save/help Runaway youth

Might it be because our city leadership think they be helping



After all why care about them? They can’t spend $$ in the Downtown, and they might want to eat food or go to school!

I am also thankful that Racine has others in the City that help from Churches to just folk. At least they are helping.

Tomorrow I think I will make sure I thank them for what they do. Might be the only thanks they get, you think that The Mayor of Racine will?


The 7

Met with the 7 this weekend as they plan the next rounds of actions to bring down IMHO the corrupt Mayor Dickert, interesting to note of the links they have to the City.

More to the point how they are able to know what is going on with the City, and how much hate there is for other city employees to give the 7 information that they do. Note to the Mayor you might want to treat city employees better. they then may toss papers away vs giving them away

Mr. X was funny as he showed new equipment off   that make 007 jealous. Goggle Glasses just amaze me.

I also meet a new face lets call her Peggy or Ms P.

Ms. P is bad news for the mayor has $$ of her own, comes from money, and the real trouble cares about  the City.  I dislike her politics but no way can any say she out to loot the City. Unlike the Mayor she has a Green Plan for Racine that I like.

Ms. P is spending a great deal of her own money on what she wants vs wait for Direct to do it. OMG real outside $$ coming to Racine to help others????

If I understand right she has spent $$ on learning more about him vs just hearing the stories. Did she hire a P.I.?  I do hope if she did he hangs out at the Bars on main st

speaking of hiring I understand that the unofficial group looking to run Dickert for Mayor has hired a P.R. company to help remove negative things about him from the net. Good luck with that. I may have an email to them….

I was also told by one of the 7  that I need to careful on the Lake front that The Mayor is having watched and trying to think of a way to stop me from handing out my Root River Revitalization cards

Good luck with that! FYI Mr Mayor your removing street lights then going to France is getting noticed in Japan.

Real bad news Mr. Mayor is a lot of folks are starting to kiss Ms. P.. Ring and pledge to her for Mayor.

How does Dickert, explain Delta Hawk, Porters, High Employment, the  Bill Story when Ms. P just wants Racine to be clean.

Clean Racine vote for Ms. P I like it. How can you say no?

Flash Q.A maybe the next person to face the 7.

Head Cheerleader!


As it saids on my Root River Revitalization cards

Head Cheerleader, and I take my job to heart! Today like I have everyday this week and till I get tired of it, I will be walking in the Harbor and the Downtown talking to others and hand out my cards (Soon to come Root River Pirates, cards) and I take the time to not only talk about how nice the Harbor is (and I love love love it) I make sure that the folks I talk to some from Racine others  around the Midwest,

Today it was a Man and his wife from Tokyo who I talked to about the removing of street lights and Mayor John Dickert ‘s trip to France. Can you believe that they where SHOCKED at this!

Something about being irresponsible, not Mayor John Dickert!

I think this week I talked to about 30 or so and made sure I gave them a Root River Revitalization card  told them about the shows they can find on You Tube. Sometimes they have Smart phones and we can watch one together, they love Freddy Frog, after I explain who Cory Mason is and how he IMHO Carpet Bagged his way into Turner’s area they get the Tick idea. Freddy Frog just might have a fan club soon.

I find it great to walk in the early morning by the Lake.

Hey look like Dickert’s pals at CAR 25 get more $$

Page break is due to cut and paste of the PDF

I thought as a City we had no money? Is that not why the City is taking down streetlights? Is that not  why we the public was asked to clean North Beach after the 4th? (Yet Dickert goes to France with Wife/Kids what was the total cost?

Looks like if your Dickert’s pals you get bank.

Are you happy with this? You must be Mayor Dickert said you love him after all you bend over for him and take it.




City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
City of Racine
Meeting Minutes – Final
Cable Television Commission
6:00 PM
City Hall Annex Room 313
Monday, July 15, 2013
Call To Order
Larry Gregg, Tom Rolfson, Walter Feldt, Alderman Ray DeHahn, Paul Ancona, Mary
Osterman, Kimberly Kane. Excused was Alderman Ron Hart, Rob Krug and
Chairman Ron Thomas
Call To Order
Larry Gregg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. Gregg noted the misspelling on
the posted agenda.
Public Comment
John Polodna thinks the ordinance giving definition to the Cable Commission is
important. He also thinks it is important that Belletv should continue its membership
with WCM, formerly known as WAPAC. The membership dues are $260.
Standing Buisness
Minutes from June 17th, 2013 meeting
Walter Feldt requested that the June meeting’s minutes have added that the motion
passed. Alderman Dehahn made a motion to approve June’s minutes as amended,
seconded by Kimberly Kane. All approved.
Dominic reported that Alex has been let go. Justin Christiansen has been hired as a
part-time video editor, shooter and other tasks.
Dominic also presented an equipment list with the cost of each piece and gave a
description of why each piece is needed. The main purpose of the improvement in
equipment is to create high quality broadcasts on tv and internet. Alderman DeHahn
made a motion to approve $30,400 for the broadcast budget, seconded by Feldt, all
in favor, motion approved. There is some potential to sell off some of the current
pieces at a depreciated value.
Page 1
City of Racine

July 15, 2013
Cable Television Commission
Meeting Minutes – Final
Old Buisness
Alderman DeHahn presented his concerns about Belle TV website. Ben and Dom
will look in to it.
They will also define standards for acceptable programming and will run it past Atty
Rob Weber.
Logo, rebranding, Mission Statement, Web streaming, updated ordinance, cable
commission duties
New Buisness
Discussion about what are the Cable Commission’s duties. Are the duties the same
as before Skies Fall contract with the city? Larry Gregg presented a handout of the
duties and responsibilities for the Commission dating back to 1969 when cable tv
came to town.
Walter Feldt recommended the Cable Commission change its name to better reflect
our new responsibilities.
Dominic has started a guideline of policies. Ben will talk to other stations about what
they do so no one has to “reinvent the wheel”
Gregg also handed out two suggestions for the channel. Tom Rolfson made a
motion to approve no greater than $1000 for WCM membership with money to attend
conferences. Kimberly Kane seconded, all were in favor. The motion passes.
Join Wisconsin Community Media, suggested procedure for Community bulletin
board and ads or sponsors, and rules for producers updates
Polices and Procedures update.
Other business
Alderman DeHahn made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Rolfson.
Meeting adjourned at 7:19pm. The next meeting will be Monday, August 19 at
6:00pm in the City Hall Annex.
Page 2
City of Racine


To be clear


To be clear I think given the facts The County had to buy the Marina and IMHO due to poor maintenance by others must spent funds in upgrading/ repairs.

In a few years (say 5) we should be able to recover the investment from fees charged to those using the Marina. Then be able to sell this.

I myself have spent $$ and time promoting this via Root River Pirates

Via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Root-River-Pirates/557089467646910

Twiter https://twitter.com/rootriverpirate

and Blog http://rootriverpirates2.wordpress.com/  (must restart this I know) and go large or go to Port

Fact is for some of this, I waited for permission and in that I messed up. I do not need any.  No one else is doing anything at the grass roots to promote this.

IMHO The “Powers that be” want be not to be part of this for as I see it I am not Rich, White, or a Ship owner well let me say FUCK THAT BABY!   I will be doing this you had a chance to have some control of how I did this but not now. Its all me, and my ideas.

Only fault was mine the blame is on me.  I simply should have acted Thank God Pirates are resultant. If not fun.

The Better the Marnia does the better the County does, also many in the County use the Lake and ever Fishing Folks outside the State the more that do the better off we are.

This Lake and Marina is for all. not for Mayor Dickert’s pals to use as a way to fleece Ship owners, Not a group of folks who think the Ship  owners owe spending their $$  in an area that as I have been told treats ship owners poorly.  God Help Nonwhite Ship Owners. (Now that be interesting)

On the other hand, if we are to host Ship Owners fees MUST be based on a break even and not hand outs idea.

As well, Ship Owners and others using the Harbor must go above and beyond to keep the Harbor,Lake, and River clean

The Laws about pollution must be enforced.  Perhaps A Racine County Deputy  could be at the Marina to insure this and the costs paid for by the fines charged. Maybe some costs shared with the DRC?

We can not afford to use Bonds on ANY part of the Marina at all UNLESS a Documented transparent need is discovered and the public brought in to the resolution, no way a Racine City Hall Bathroom scan can be allowed to occur.

Rum for all! Redheads to my cabin!