Casino Kills Downtown Racine Editorial



The Downtown Racine will die with the Casino, it will be dead dead dead  and well they I think have it coming see, the Casino will not care if your Black, White, Hispanic, or from the Root River.

All the Casino wants, is you to spend your money gaming.  At the Casino you will be safe, no one will bother you for say being the wrong color.  Best, the Casino will not take you for granted, I feel they will go beyond the call of duty to earn and keep your business.

The Casino will offer good places to eat, and a new up to date entertainment center. (How much $$ with the Civic Center in Racine ask the City of Racine for to try and compete?  IMHO the civic center gets paid back for all the poor service over the years.

Every dollar spent at the Casino is one that that will not be spent Downtown.  I feel that the Casino will become a go to place easy to get to and one that is welcoming to any that walk in the door.

Want to go out? Want to see a top ten act lets go to the Casino and have some fun.

Mind you the Boaters “May” keep parts of Downtown alive but what happens the first Winter?  How will the County ever pay off Reef Point?

There is no stemming the tide, Is Mayor Dickert going to charge a tax to go to Kenoshsa?

Interesting too is will Casino cause more in this area to move to Kenosha then into Porter’s? Will stores want to open in a dead Downtown?  Will you want to go to the Downtown or the Casino?  Will the area around the Casino as it builds  up (and it will) draw down what little life is in the Downtown?

As I see it, 3 years after this opens Downtown Racine blows away.  I wonder if they will understand why?

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