Why Horlick Dam now?




From the Journal Times 8/27/13


“Alternatives for the Horlick Dam will be the focus of the Root River Planning meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, at River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N. Green Bay Road.

The dam has inadequate spillway capacity to safely pass the 500-year flood level, and the state Department of Natural Resources is expected to require Racine County to improve the safety of the dam by increasing its spillway capacity or removing it. Staff from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will present four conceptual alternatives for the dam.

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network and Sweet Water are working together to lead the planning effort. SEWRPC was selected to prepare the plan and is focusing on four areas selected by a planning group of citizens and public officials: water quality; recreational access and use; habitat conditions; and flooding within Racine County. The plan will build from SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update and will include recommendations to be implemented over a five-year period after the completion of the plan. The plan is to be completed in May.”

What why now?  Why does the SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update need to be updated?  The story does not say what else might be having an impact on the Root River  that may need to be addressed?  Well there is Rootworks looking for $$ and as I see it Mayor Dickert’s pals need to get paid, I think I will have to see who if any pal of the Mayor is on this  SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan.  That might explain  that.

But maybe something bigger is going on what other huge project is going on in S.E. Wisconsin that might effect the Root River???

Guesses? Anyone?   Yes you Ms P in the back row? (Takes paper handed to him.

Why you just might found something Ms P!


” The City of Waukesha has an option to purchase 60 acres in Franklin on the east bank of the Root River should Waukesha succeed in its request to buy Lake Michigan water.

The property southeast of the intersection of Oakwood Road and S. 60th St. is one possible location for Waukesha to end a pipeline carrying treated wastewater so it could be discharged to the river and returned to the lake, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak said.”…

Wow yes maybe if 6 Million Gals of “treated” sewage gets put into the Root River each day the Damn would need to go.

6 Million Gallions of “Treated sewage” down the Root River (and by all the folks coming to see it via Root Works) right into Lake Michigan where our Belle City Harbor is.  Boy, how nice would it be if the 6 million gallons looked like this?


You think the Boaters would come back?   How about property values along the Shit I mean Root River?

I would  go to this meeting and ask questions if I was you




One Response to Why Horlick Dam now?

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Should this happen – imagine the effects of the untreated raw sewage and garbage that Racine Root River Boaters dump into the Harbor on the Beaches!

    They’ll either have to raise the level of safe fecal bacteria in the water – or get creative with where and when they test.

    UGH! Racine’s Beaches are unsafe to swim in already!

    When will Racine’s Cheap Boaters clean up their act and stop trying to save a buck by dumping their untreated waste into the River, Harbor, and Lake?

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