A way to steal the Public’s money. An Editorial

An Editorial

So you live in a strange  little town with few jobs, declining population  and what few businesses that are left quickly running off.

Like anyone you still have to pay the bills and your business may not be doing so good either .

What to do what to do? Well say your in luck and Mayor John Dickert is in charge



My bad

John Dickert



Great, first thing is create a group that will be in change of an issue and not answer to the voters.

second fill the group with as many pals of the Mayor as you can proven all ready to be easy to fool after all they trust Mayor John Dickert to do the right thing like take down Street lights sue his own city and go to France as Racine continues to have some of the highest unemployment in the State.

Next Have your pal funnel Block grant $$ to you so you can hire a consultant that will come up with a plan to fix this issue and said plan will cost millions (but the price is never given or even talked about)

Hold public meetings and no matter how few members of the public show up say you have huge numbers if questions are asked hem and haw. Create Power Point   presentations to help with the Dog and Pony show



Of  course the City Council filled with the Mayor’s  pals will approved anything they are told too, its Racine after all, did we not pay for the Mayor’s legal bill? Have they yet said no to any strange thing this Mayor wants?  Are we not better off having CAR 25 ran by yet more of the Mayor’s pals?

Now lets review we have a group that is managing an issue, with City $$ via block grants, consultants are hired to come up with a plan, this plan allows the the group to seek Grants to get the plan going of could some folks on this group may get paid after all if business is bad  they will need a job, right?

So your part of this effort you know what is being called for land that may need to be bought  or properties obtained.  What could a crook do with this information?  Maybe have others buy this property that way when the City does money is made?  Knowing what other goods/services may be needed start/buy/ invest in that area more money. After all perhaps its the group that chooses who they buy goods/serve from for the project and not the city?

Then too if you live in Racine you saw the issues with CAR 25 and Macemon with The City of Racine, as some think its a big wink wink sort of game.

How much has the City spent and how much more will they?  Who is making money here? Are you not glad that perhaps the City exists to fund pals and cronys? Hey are all your street lights still up?



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