Do we have a Leader?


If only


If only that Mayor John Dickert

John Dickert

Call a Press Conference and also have CAR 25 carry it live step out and say something along the lines of

Racine we are fucked, and I need your help. See we have no money and instead of looking to blame others its time for me your elected leader to lead.

I made mistakes I am only human.  We as a city must act together to find how we can best solve the issues we face of Debt, lack of jobs, crime, and the other issues we face.

We must act now   so I am directing the City Attorney to start action on Delta Hawk to recover City funds given for as of yet there have been few jobs and not the 100 I was told there would be.

I also will stop at once any more $$ going to Porters and ask for a full review of all monies given to that project and if we can recover any of it.

At this time, I will start to sell City owned real estate  at auction on X date.

I also have not been paying attention to what you who live in Racine have to say to me, starting on X I will have Open Office hours  from 12:00 to 2PM  where anyone may have time to talk to me on city of Racine issues.  As well every Monday night from 6-8PM I and I hope city aldermen will join me for another Open Office time.

I am sorry for any errors, I have made I am only Human.

Please let us come together and as a City fix the issues and move forward.


But this speech or any like it will never get made, IMHO its easier to say Its all Scott Walkers fault! Blame the Blogers and ask for The God Obama to do something how will that work out do you think?

2 Responses to Do we have a Leader?

  1. Tammy Kilborn says:

    Ha, this will NEVER happen. You’re dealing with a arrogant, self righteous, certifiable sociopath. Don’t really know what a sociopath is? Wikipedia that shit and look it up. That’s what you have in Racine, oblivious, out of touch people, with no experience, attempting to run a city and instead runnning it straight into the ground and taking no responsiblity or accountabilty for their actions. Poor leadership affects the entire community.

    • Your right it will not. nor will we see any action by the Tea Party/GOP to force him from office, 1) Racine is too Black for them I think. 2) IMHO The Local Tea Party = the GOP = The Democrats. as long as they get their turn to feed on the public why do anything?

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