Death to kids we must have art!



Yes in Racine we must like dead kids after all our City leaders do so much for them.

Read the Paper today?   From the paper today

“Modern upgrades may be on the horizon for the 19th-century farmhouse that houses the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts.

A preliminary construction cost for that proposal would be about $1.2 million, Rafel explained, as opposed to another plan put forth by the architects which would include an elevator and seasonal tent for about $800,000.

Possible changes are still in the early stages, according to the representatives. RAMA Director of Development Laura D’Amato said she was waiting until after Wednesday’s meeting to begin informing most members of the group’s board.

“Just because we’ve got this in front of us, doesn’t mean we’re doing this,” Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Tom Molbeck emphasized Wednesday. “At this point, this is just a drawing that was supposed to come in just to kind of show you (on the board) what was being done, what the possibilities were and why we were doing them.”

And as for money, Molbeck said he had just learned about the proposal’s estimated cost this week, adding, “I can’t tell you (the board) where I’d get 1-point-whatever million dollars from.” ”


How nice 800K-1.2. Million for the rich white of Racine at the same time that  groups like Safe Haven   that helps Homeless kids on the street find a safe place (some are run aways from abusive homes. )   must end programs.

Gee how nice  that is , as you know I live in the worst innerr city slum (well one of them) you can think off, My wife and I seen the run aways the Homeless kids and praise to God we help how we could, I hope we made a difference.

Why the rage today? Saw the home on 6th st close and then read the above. I know of the hard work that home did for aiding kids, all kids.

Sadly IMHO our City Leaders are more upset that the   Wustum Museum may have to wait to get money then the fact that we have a lot of young kids on the streets of Racine with no place safe to go.

I have done bad things in the past and fall short of the Glory of God, At least I will not face the Hell Fire  that may await our City Leadership to would rather fund an Art Museum then save/help Runaway youth

Might it be because our city leadership think they be helping



After all why care about them? They can’t spend $$ in the Downtown, and they might want to eat food or go to school!

I am also thankful that Racine has others in the City that help from Churches to just folk. At least they are helping.

Tomorrow I think I will make sure I thank them for what they do. Might be the only thanks they get, you think that The Mayor of Racine will?


2 Responses to Death to kids we must have art!

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    And as for money, Molbeck said he had just learned about the proposal’s estimated cost this week, adding, “I can’t tell you (the board) where I’d get 1-point-whatever million dollars from.” “

    That statement from the overpaid and overcompensated Tom Molbeck doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    first Thomas M
    last Molbeck
    experience 17
    title Director Of Parks, Recreation
    entity City of Racine
    population 78,860
    2012 base $75,961
    2011 gross
    2011 base $74,946
    2011 OT/extra pay
    2011 benefits $26,944

    Remember that those $26,944 in benefits were TAX-FREE!

    Tom Molbeck isn’t saying that the money isn’t available – he’s just saying that he’s not going to tell you where the money is coming from.

    BONUS speculation: Absolute Construction (The Mayor’s buddies and top dollar Union outfit) gets the job and there are numerous change orders driving the cost up.

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