The 7

Met with the 7 this weekend as they plan the next rounds of actions to bring down IMHO the corrupt Mayor Dickert, interesting to note of the links they have to the City.

More to the point how they are able to know what is going on with the City, and how much hate there is for other city employees to give the 7 information that they do. Note to the Mayor you might want to treat city employees better. they then may toss papers away vs giving them away

Mr. X was funny as he showed new equipment off   that make 007 jealous. Goggle Glasses just amaze me.

I also meet a new face lets call her Peggy or Ms P.

Ms. P is bad news for the mayor has $$ of her own, comes from money, and the real trouble cares about  the City.  I dislike her politics but no way can any say she out to loot the City. Unlike the Mayor she has a Green Plan for Racine that I like.

Ms. P is spending a great deal of her own money on what she wants vs wait for Direct to do it. OMG real outside $$ coming to Racine to help others????

If I understand right she has spent $$ on learning more about him vs just hearing the stories. Did she hire a P.I.?  I do hope if she did he hangs out at the Bars on main st

speaking of hiring I understand that the unofficial group looking to run Dickert for Mayor has hired a P.R. company to help remove negative things about him from the net. Good luck with that. I may have an email to them….

I was also told by one of the 7  that I need to careful on the Lake front that The Mayor is having watched and trying to think of a way to stop me from handing out my Root River Revitalization cards

Good luck with that! FYI Mr Mayor your removing street lights then going to France is getting noticed in Japan.

Real bad news Mr. Mayor is a lot of folks are starting to kiss Ms. P.. Ring and pledge to her for Mayor.

How does Dickert, explain Delta Hawk, Porters, High Employment, the  Bill Story when Ms. P just wants Racine to be clean.

Clean Racine vote for Ms. P I like it. How can you say no?

Flash Q.A maybe the next person to face the 7.

2 Responses to The 7

  1. orbscorbs says:

    I don’t know a thing about Ms. P. but she already has my vote.

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