To be clear


To be clear I think given the facts The County had to buy the Marina and IMHO due to poor maintenance by others must spent funds in upgrading/ repairs.

In a few years (say 5) we should be able to recover the investment from fees charged to those using the Marina. Then be able to sell this.

I myself have spent $$ and time promoting this via Root River Pirates

Via Facebook


and Blog  (must restart this I know) and go large or go to Port

Fact is for some of this, I waited for permission and in that I messed up. I do not need any.  No one else is doing anything at the grass roots to promote this.

IMHO The “Powers that be” want be not to be part of this for as I see it I am not Rich, White, or a Ship owner well let me say FUCK THAT BABY!   I will be doing this you had a chance to have some control of how I did this but not now. Its all me, and my ideas.

Only fault was mine the blame is on me.  I simply should have acted Thank God Pirates are resultant. If not fun.

The Better the Marnia does the better the County does, also many in the County use the Lake and ever Fishing Folks outside the State the more that do the better off we are.

This Lake and Marina is for all. not for Mayor Dickert’s pals to use as a way to fleece Ship owners, Not a group of folks who think the Ship  owners owe spending their $$  in an area that as I have been told treats ship owners poorly.  God Help Nonwhite Ship Owners. (Now that be interesting)

On the other hand, if we are to host Ship Owners fees MUST be based on a break even and not hand outs idea.

As well, Ship Owners and others using the Harbor must go above and beyond to keep the Harbor,Lake, and River clean

The Laws about pollution must be enforced.  Perhaps A Racine County Deputy  could be at the Marina to insure this and the costs paid for by the fines charged. Maybe some costs shared with the DRC?

We can not afford to use Bonds on ANY part of the Marina at all UNLESS a Documented transparent need is discovered and the public brought in to the resolution, no way a Racine City Hall Bathroom scan can be allowed to occur.

Rum for all! Redheads to my cabin!

5 Responses to To be clear

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    “The Laws about pollution must be enforced. Perhaps A Racine County Deputy could be at the Marina to insure this and the costs paid for by the fines charged. Maybe some costs shared with the DRC?”

    Perhaps they need to start ACTUALLY enforcing the LAWS in regards to locks on Y devices, garbage dumping, sewage dumping, speed and no wake zones…….

    OH WAIT! Can’t piss off the Boaters of Racine who are going to save Downtown!

    IS the Racine County Sheriff PROPERLY enforcing the laws that Boaters are ruled by?


    The Sheriff turns a blind eye to the garbage being dumped, the drunken boaters, the speed/wake violations, the lack of a padlock on the sanitation “Y” device, and the boorish behavior of some Boaters!

  2. Mary M. says:

    “The Racine County Sheriff’s Water Safety Patrol responds to assist boaters for a variety of
    incidents, including accidents, engine failures, and rescue as well as enforcement activities. – ”

    The Racine County Sheriffs Water Patrol mainly assists Boaters by turning a blind eye to the ongoing problems at the Harbor.

    “The Racine County Sheriff’s Office continues to operate the Water Safety Patrol on Lake Michigan and on inland lakes and rivers throughout Racine County. The Water Safety Patrol operates from April 1st until about the second week of November. During the summer months,
    Water Safety Patrol Deputies are assisted by approximately 6 college student summer employees.”

    SO>.. Whee are the citations for drunkeness, dumping garbage, dumping sewage and speeding?

    “The Water Safety Patrol continues to be partially funded by the Department of Natural Resources, Annually up to 17% of the costs of operating the Water Safety Patrol are reimbursed to Racine County. -”

    It should be more like 75% and the costs recovered from fees and fines! Racine County residents are being RIPPED OFF and the hard-working people of the County are FORCED to
    subsidize a Water Patrol that clearly isn’t ENFORCING the law!

    • The Water Patrol was doing something it the Harbor with long pole/nets.
      They wee done before I was able to get good photos.
      I will call the Sheriff’s Office for more information then perhaps it is time to call the County Executive.

      • Mary M. says:

        They shouldn’t be being paid to clean up after Racine’s Slob Boaters! They need to be enforcing the law- issuing tickets and inspecting Boaters sewage disposal systems to ensure compliance with current laws!

        Another taxpayer funded RIP-OFF coming from local elected officials!

      • I think it was County Public Works staff not L.E.

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