Racine’s Shame! The Filthy Harbor

When back today to see what the status was. Well  to our shame its not better.

Why are we putting up with this? When the County is forced to deal with this issue by say the DNR or EPA who will pay for the equipment/fine to deal with it?

Should the Boaters or say a Farmer in Union Grove, be the ones to fund the Harbor clean up?

Some fear that if we make the Boaters pay they will sail away!  Maybe we should let them!  After all they are not covering the cost for being here The tax payers of Racine County are!

Sidebar Today I talked to more Boaters nice folks, again to a man, they  are NOT buying Goods in Racine.  Even more stories on the rude BS from the Red Shirt DRC “Police”  to some store owners who as I was told acted like the boaters $$ was owed to them.

As one said ” Next time they should use K.Y.”

So the photos

Note the Sheen of Oil. That must be good for the Water!

If your is tired of this shit as I am


EPA #5 800-621-8431, 8:30 am  Tell them Reef Point Marina Racine WI has issues

Or Call Jim Ladwig Racine County Executive  Ask him why Racine County Tax Payers should be paying for the clean up from the Boaters?  262-636-3273.

Now I have an idea since the DRC loves the Boaters will they set up a Volunteer Task Force to clean up the Harbor and help to enforce the regulations concerning Garbage and Sewage?


5 Responses to Racine’s Shame! The Filthy Harbor

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    Racine Boaters are STILL dumping Raw Untreated Sewage into the Root River, Harbor, and Lake Michigan! Acceptable levels of E.Coli still puts your health at risk! That risk is just deemed “Acceptable”

    Learn more here: http://racine.craigslist.org/rnr/3984897162.html

  2. Lizz Tayler says:

    Empty plastic bottles, cigarette butts, discarded plastic bags, Styrofoam cups and plates, empty chip bags, plastic eating utensils and UNTREATED RAW SEWAGE!

    A gift from the Boaters at Reefpoint Marina to the people of Racine!

    The problem isn’t just the visible trash the Boaters are throwing into the Harbor, Root River, and Lake Michigan, but the holding tanks full of human sewage! People forget that when the Health Department opens a Beach and declares it SAFE — it isn’t that fecal bacteria from human waste isn’t in the water — it’s just that the level is considered acceptable. At an “acceptable level” of reading — your toilet at home may test for less bacteria count! Would you swim in your toilet?

    WELL, the City of Racine wants you to swim in their TOILET! Drink in the raw untreated Human Sewage – as long as the Racine Health Department calls the levels “Acceptable”. Why should any level of untreated raw human sewage be labeled “Acceptable” when laws prohibit the dumping of the untreated sewage into Lake Michigan and the Harbor at Reefpoint Marina?

    The untreated sewage discharge from one weekend boater produces an amount of bacterial pollution equal to that of 10,000 people whose wastes are treated.

  3. Lizz Tayler says:

    Wisconsin DNR: 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367 – Confidentially report suspected wildlife, recreational, and environmental violations.

    Who would you report? County Executive Jim Ladwig? For running a non-compliant Marina?

    Thing the Republican would enforce it? Or turn YET another blind eye?

  4. Charlie says:

    Do you think that is why the beach by Gateway is so bad?

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