Customer Count!


Today I and others will be doing a customer count neat 3 Downtown Racine Business. The Objective is to  give you  the readers an idea of the number  of folks coming to shop in Downtown Racine.

Of course this will be a best  estament sort of thing since we will be counting them by hand so to speak and could miss a few.

We are doing this to answer the question “Is anyone coming Downtown to shop vs drink?”

News! We have talked to Mr. X who has video of Aug First Friday with the use of Police resources  that as I see it was needed by a Black Owned Bar they be looking at losing The Bar.

Why is it OK for First Friday to suck up that much police? Might it be OK for Grandma to die from lack of Police if RPD is being used to help out a pal(s) of Mayor John Dickert?

3 Responses to Customer Count!

  1. Urban Pioneer says:

    What time was the video taken? Early in the evening during shopping hours? Or late at night?

  2. Tammy Kilborn says:

    Who cares what time the video was takin??? Seriosuly, if there is a problem there’s a problem, does it matter? Once again, being in the business of closing bars is not good, City Hall has no idea what they are dealing with, does the problem go away? No, it just spreads throughout the city like wildfire. It probably would be best to just eliminate bars completely in this city, there are NO RESPONIBLE BARS, they doesn’t exist in Racine.

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