A Bribe (Not safe for work)


So I am at home and get a phone call, a young lady knows about my film stuff and wants to talk at my house, sorry the house is a mess so I suggest a fast food place in West Racine . Fine set the time and boom I go.

Mother of God this Woman is hot! 25-30 age age Tits bigger then my head and lets say they are defying gravity and its a bit cold. 🙂

Its all good.

We talk for a bit she tells me that she knows about my film work and She wants me to be her mentor, then she starts rubbing my Leg and telling me she do ANYTHING for my help ANYTHING.

Mind you I am a fat old man balding missing teeth, I am also not on drugs. Something is not right.


She then starts saying with what is going on with her I have little time for anything else but she make sure my help was well rewarded. and she had a thing for Father types.

That’s when I got up excused myself and left.

One of two things

1) An attempted to get me to quit doing this Blog with the offer of “Helping this Women” then at some point pulling the rug or

2) Some Women has escaped from the Home or

3) I had had quite the contact trip


Your guess is as good as mine

If #1 I am a poor writer etc if they want to shut me up this badly what are they willing to do to a far better one?




2 Responses to A Bribe (Not safe for work)

  1. orbscorbs says:

    If that’s the case, shut me up, please.

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