Lakefront trash


Got some interesting info tonight. Let’s keep this going. Why are the users of the Harbor/Lake not being held to account for trashing it?

What are the issues with the invasive crittlers coming to the Lake? How are they getting here? How much is it costing the Farmers in Waterford to keep the Lake Front clean?



4 Responses to Lakefront trash

  1. Lizzy Borden says:

    The problem isn’t just the visible trash the Boaters are throwing into the Harbor, Root River, and Lake Michigan, but the holding tanks full of human sewage! People forget that when the Health Department opens a Beach and declares it SAFE – it isn’t that fecal bacteria from human waste isn’t in the water – it’s just that the level is considered acceptable. At an “acceptable level” of reading – your toilet at home may test for less bacteria count! Would you swim in your toilet?

    Eliminating Boating Waste

    When you go boating, don’t empty your waste into the water. Instead, discharge your waste at pump-out stations, which are located at virtually every harbor.

    How many Boaters regularly violate this rule? Given the readings at Racine Beach – many do! And don’t be fooled by the Health Department! An acceptable level reading doesn’t mean you are safe! Currents and winds change and readings can vary dependent upon location. One never knows when the next Racine Boater will illegally dump their sewage into the Lake.

    Educate yourself on the Great Lakes Beachcast!

    Beach Health & Water Quality
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the beach closed today?

    What is E. Coli?

    How is the beach water tested?

    What do the monitoring test results mean?

    How do the bacteria get into the water?

    How can we keep our beaches clean?

    • You are so right I think. I would hope that the county would enforce the boaters to do the right thing.
      IMHO that will not happen for fear of “offending” the Boaters and them going to another Marina.
      Cant have that we need the fees to pay back the county, however with more and more investment needed, can that ever be done?
      Again IMHO we need to charge the boaters the true costs of having them here or if not them the Stores downtown NOT the Farmers near Union Grove

  2. Mary M. says:

    Pump It – Don’t Dump It!

    The untreated sewage discharge from one weekend boater produces an amount of bacterial pollution equal to that of 10,000 people whose wastes are treated.

    WHERE are Racine’s pump out stations? How about the records? Are boats being properly inspected? The persistence of E.Coli at Racine’s Beaches prove that Racine Boaters continue to illegally dump untreated sewage into the Harbor.

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