Idea for!



A book/blog!

A book/Blog based as a WTSGHTF  story.

Sometime during Obama’s 2nd term we are attacked by terrorists using small nukes in mayor Cities, along with Bio Weapons on a sadly non-vaccinated public.  This cases a few million to die or become very ill.

One of the last acts of Congress is to discover this was a plot by the Obama Goverment to keep power with the help of others such as !!! Mayor John Dickert!

This of course results in civic war race war just plain wars.

In Racine WI Mayor Dickert (renamed) has fortified the Downtown Racine area and rules with an iron fist.

The Hero (me!) in chateau Clingman is resisting the evil that is Downtown and has allied with a band of Pirates known as The Root River Pirates to fight back with the hop of one day helping this area be free of evil and work it’s way back to some sort of Freedom.

Yes I know I am a very poor writer and my Cat knows better grammar but what the hell, just think of the Branding ideas of course I will use one of my Rootworks Domain for the Blog oh  the fun I will have! the Swag I can push the naughty photos of Women I can post that will with any luck come up with a Goggle search of Rootworks!

Pirates!!  Naughty Photos!   making fun of Racine!  Does it get better?

One Response to Idea for!

  1. Lizzy Borden says:


    Elected officials are idiots that don’t know anything about anything, with incompetence constantly on parade.

    However, they are mere middle-managers. They don’t understand the concepts present in the topics about which they are briefed, and someone else must “editorially-select” that information that is shared with the elected leaders (who won’t understand the implications anyway).

    Control of the populace is surprisingly (shamefully) easy. The fact that people don’t “catch-on” is amazing, IMHO, and I can only conclude is because:

    “Normal” people are busy with “real-lives”
    “Normal” people do not understand exponential math (almost all of society is based on “ponzi”)
    “Normal” people do not understand Game Theory (government primarily benefits by making things worse)
    “Normal” people do not understand sociopaths, and how sociopaths self-select to authoritarian (government) positions

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