Downtown Racine a Gated Communty?


An interesting idea was brought to my attention this morning!

Have  Downtown Racine be a gated community!

Put up fencing with Razor wire on top, armed guards at the gates that would allow only the white sorry right kind of folks in (and not allow the Boaters out)

To get in to this community (I  like the Name Dickville after Mayor John Dickert.)

One would have to be check in by passing a credit check, background check. To leave a visitor would have to  produce receipts showing the proper spending  at the right bars owned by paylss of the Mayor. If not visitors would be fined.

Food from City of Racine owned plantations like on Marquette St would be sold at very high prices as the  Mayor of Dickville worked on getting a full line Grocery Store ( Sadly he would find  that there are just to few living in Dickville for the store to make Money no matter how many times his wife stamped her foot  and blamed the Blogers.

Another issue would be the  Root River Pirates raiding Dickville and giving away free Radios that broadcasts the real news of the outside world.


I so see A continuing story coming from this.

Low income folks would only be allowed in to do cleaning and other service work and must be out by dusk, so the sensibilities of residents not be offended.   Getting caught after dark be a major crime.  Of course  The White I mean right kind of Women, who know their place  or how to earn a living in Bed would be brought in perhaps by Boat.

Only Good news would be allowed to be talked about and hats be required to be worn by all.

This just might happen!

3 Responses to Downtown Racine a Gated Communty?

  1. Lizz Tayler says:

    Not a bad idea – sell off all of Downtown, the Harbor, the Marina and Festival Hall to a private developer – and let them develop and maintain the area while also providing the security.

    Allow gambling, prostitution and marijuana use.


    Pay off the debt, get rid of liabilities that are crushing the working people of Racine, and lower taxes so the rest of Racine can compete in a global economy.

    Downtown Racine is a ghost town that will never return to profitability and will always needs subsidies. The Marina will become the same deadweight to County taxpayers as Downtown is to City AND County taxpayers.

    Perhaps the Feds will allow it be be sold and spun off as it’s OWN Country. Then sexual pedophiles like “The Family Company” could reside and hide there. Safe and secure from the reaches of lame Wisconsin Courts.

  2. How will Jim L, sell the idea of saving Downtown Racine? The Marinia he did not have much choose and many in the County use the Lakefront. But say Main St stores how can he sell that to Waterford How does he sell County Money to the Uptown vs helping Farmers keep Farms?
    IMHO I think a Small nuke do Uptown more good.

    • Lizzie Borden says:

      That’s County Executive Jim Ladwig’s little secret. He doesn’t have to sell it to other Racine County Communities – because it’s kept QUIET.

      Shhhhhh…… You think Mrs. Monte Osterman-Jerger or Gleason (concrete) is going to say something……

      Who in the County covers City of Racine news – and The JT circulation is so low that the Civic Centre Committee won’t advertise there…..

      Perhaps it’s time to WAKE County residents up!

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