Hot Dogs and Stone My thoughts


Lets say I sell Hot Dogs in Racine. Folks like my Hot Dogs and buy them. Good!

With my Hot Dogs I got to pay for my stand, my stock, Taxes (unlike some downtown property owners)  My house take care of my kids the whole 9 yards. In Racine I have to sell more Hot Dogs for everyone wants well kinda Free Hot Dogs, the Mayor (so he can say Go to France) The County so he can pay the taxes for the Downtown property owners who will not, Obama Got to pay for Obama Phones and Obama care!

Oh! I just found out that the Mayor need me to pay more taxes and more fees to pay his Legal Bills and the City’s He just cant keep out of court. What is a Mayor to do? Easy I need to sell more Hot Dogs for him (and the County so Downtown Property owners do not have to pay property taxes!)

Cant sell the Hot Dogs? Raise the prices and the Chicago folks will buy them!  Sell lots for Root Works must be paid for!

Well when I cant sell the Hot Dogs I go out of business, walk away from my house and let the County take care of that and the City the house!

Now my Brother is liked by the Mayor maybe we went to school together, maybe we wife swapped.  Who know He just likes my brother. He sells Stones nice stones. He too has to sell to make ends meet. However since the Mayor likes him maybe my brother gets “Help” to sell stones to the City at a nice price, maybe he is able to sell stones to the city even after some of the stones sold before where oh eggs.

Maybe others are told it be a good idea to by stones from my brother if you need them or not. Maybe it’s expected of you to buy Stones from my brother if you get a City Contract after all, the Mayor likes my Brother should the Mayor not help him?

So maybe in return my Sister helps the Mayor out by sitting on a Committee and Being a Good Girl does what the Mayor wants on this Committee. really do you expect my Sister to think?  After all she is a good girl she knows what to do! Thinking is for the Mayor, not girls.

Thank God for the Mayor my brother landlord may have issues with taxes, My brother is sure the Mayor will not allow anything to happen!

Got to go time to watch the John Dickert is God Network!

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