Do NOT enable Mayor John Dickert



As I see it Mayor John Dickert is addicted  to our tax $$, like most active Addicts, he makes foolish choices, In his case we can use Delta Hawk  Team Porters. as examples of the Mayor spending Millions  and we the people getting jack in return.

As I understand it Delta Hawk  was going to hire what 100 workers? How many have they hired?

Porters, does anyone have a clue of when this gets started or just new excuses why Porters has not?

The $$ been spent on both how do we get any of it back or do we?

Sadly the only way we can maybe wake him up to get treatment, is by quit enabling him.

How?  Well this is harsh the only thing I can think of is by quit doing ANYTHING that may help the Mayor stretch Tax $$. Things like  the clean up the beach after the 4th, see the City should have done the clean up but due to our Mayor $$ issues the City had a furlow day  to make up for the 2 million the City needs to pay the Unions (recall the City fucking over the Unions and the resulting suit) so the Mayor turns to the public for help and like the fools we are we help there by allowing the Mayor to get by with Shit and feel no pain. We need to quit that. IMHO he needs to understand that there is a “Price” to be paid for every mistake in spending, every time a pal makes bank because Dickert is Mayor. Held to account, for his addiction.

So no more clean ups, no more contributing to funds that help the city. Our Mayor needs to  understand his spending needs to stop NOW.

How much do you think his trip to France cost? Do you think anyone other then the Mayor will benefit?

Sidebar note:  Tonight the good old boys within the Aldermen, got the clue that they can be called to account by recall.

Who should the next one be?



One Response to Do NOT enable Mayor John Dickert

  1. Tammy Kilborn says:

    Next To Be Recalled: Ald. Greg Helding, Ald. QA Shakoor

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