Where is The Team Porter Money? My .02

My thoughts



Where is Porters?

I like to know what is the status of the Porter Project?  Every time I ask I get a new story.

Once it was Financing.  That has been fixed.

Next that Johnson’s and the DRC wanted to do a Market Study.  I am unsure what that has to do with getting the work started on Porter’s, however I am told that the study was done.

Now what is the hold up?  I and others have yet to see workmen start anything at that location.

What is going on?

With a Million + on the line and as I understand it nothing in writing to keep him here, this I think a critical question

Does this answer the question?





or this



Blackjack anyone?


2 Responses to Where is The Team Porter Money? My .02

  1. RobertoZ says:

    That money is long gone, given away by your local officials with blatent disregard. You’re out of luck on that $1.2 million. Maybe you could go back to Delta Hawk and recoup THAT $1.2 million dollar giveaway….. Great, honest, trustworthy, smart, leadership ya’all have in Racine.

  2. Tammy Kilborn says:

    But then again, Racinians are just too damn stupid to do anything about it and City Hall knows it!!!! Ehhh just dump another 10K for Dickert to go to France…..no problem.

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