Hispanic Business District



Let’s start a Hispanic Business District!

We kinda have one now on the lower part of Douglass going to State st.

All it would take is a bit of a push not so much from the City that does not like Hispanics (other then at voting time) but folks like you and me encouraging Hispanics we know to look at that area of Racine to put a business in,  and for us to go to that area of Racine and shop at the stores there now!

I do that know and I have found more then one neat place to shop. You may too!

I far rather spend my money in that area, then say some upper class snotty store in the Downtown or any place owned by a crony  of Mayor John Dickert.

Now I would talk this idea up to the Alderman but IMHO Jim Kaplin


is no friend to Hispanics and his actions towards them a major factor, in his recall.  Should that go ahead this would be a great opportunity to elect an Hispanic to City Council!

I also think that most of the members of  the  council will shit vs embrace what Hispanics would bring  to Douglas St, if encouraged to do so.


At one time I served as VP at The Tricounty  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce under Tony Martinez






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