Questions I like answered

Questions I like answered

What’s going on with Porters?  Did Mr. Waters get any money from the city if so when and for how much?

Will the looming failure of Anchor Bank stop Porters?

When will the City/County buy Azarian’s? This being so necessary for Rootworks. Is the rumor the John Dickert is running for Governor  have anything to do with the delay in this? 

I know of at least three stories that if true would cause great harm to the Governor I mean Mayor of Racine so why tell me and not  oh say the FBI or the GAB? 

How do so many folks fit around a table when they play Poker with Robin Vos?  Please that story is just old and silly. 

Anyone reading the stories of early Vegas or the Mob know the numbers of folks killed over a small amount of $$. So what happens when say 20 Million is on the line for a new Point Blue?

How much $$ can get “lost” or “redirected”?  Who might benefit?

How does the Mayor get rich folks to come to Racine until he moves the poor ones out? How does he protect Root Works from the Poor? Do you see the DRC welcoming Poor Blacks to the Lake Front? How many do you see at Party on the Pavement?

6 Responses to Questions I like answered

  1. Jeff says:

    It’s Vos not Voss.

  2. RobertoZ says:

    Yes, Micah Waters was given an advance from the City Of Racine for 1.2 Million Dollars back in March of 2012, this was sponsored by QA Shakoor, it was voted and passed by Common Council. Also of note is the 160K facade grant that was issued.

  3. RobertoZ says:

    Waters is long gone and so is your money………suckers!!!!

    • Is he still in town or has he left?
      I understand that Johnson’s and the DRC just did
      another study about what was needed Downtown.
      Do you think that a Convenience Store with Wine Tasting be on the list?
      IMHO I think this gets the Go ahead. Note I understand there is an effort to rewrite the History of Party on the Pavement and who started it.
      Does Osterman know he has been kicked under the Bus?

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