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OMG OMG OMG   Who will protect me?


Like I said yesterday. got messages about Pal’s of Kaplin’s    looking into the CCAP (Criminal History’s of the membership  of those working the Recall of Alderman Kaplin.   it politcal SOP to do this.  from a message itself I understand that Kin of the group will be looked at to, I talked a bit about that yesterday and I am of the belief beating up of kin of any group one may not like is not right and in this case, we would see the same coin played on supporters of Kaplin.  Tax records to be used as a boycott list are being used as I write this.  I do hope that this recall be kept to the issues.

Then why tell me? I can’t vote in this and I am the last one to care about someone’s past after all I too am a Felon and believe    that folks can change.I have.

Sadly as I see it the info will be used to create FEAR in the few White folks still living in the 4th concentrating the few older White Folks   who still do.  Hoping that they do not sign for the recall or vote for Kaplin if/when there is a recall.

In other words as I see this: Kaplin runs not on his record but on FEAR THE OTHER.  FEAR THE BLACK  GUY FEAR THE HISPANIC.  I am pal’s of the Mayor He and I will save you!

The recall group gets called angry From the J-T Story (—th-district-resident/article_c1463418-b436-11e2-8bd8-001a4bcf887a.html)  “They are not part of making a better Racine; they are just reaching out in anger.”    Of course Kaplin has talked about this before  From Racine Exposed   (

Council President Jim Kaplan says recently, online threats have been made against city leaders.

Kaplin has been asked to produce copies of the threats  so far to my understanding has yet to do so. Maybe because they do not exist?

Should the recall folks get the numbers needed and I think they will. Will those who signed get a visit from Kaplin? Others? So they (The signers) can be told how evil and all good WHITE/Christian know to fear anyone who may not want to do the right thing?


Am I now going to Hell?



4th District Recall update



As you see from the J-T story—th-district-resident/article_c1463418-b436-11e2-8bd8-001a4bcf887a.html

The counter to the recall effort will be the history of some of the group trying to recall, and how evil they are  and only angry at the one true hero protecting his area.

I myself got messages about the CCAP of one on the group, and was told “they” (The pro Kaplin forces) will look at family  members to see what dirt can be dug up.

Well as I have herd local politics are the most vicious as I think this effort will prove, I think.

I do hope that I am wrong on this point because as I see it, this group (the recall group) is not playing and IMHO the same coin will be paid in return. We can and should keep this above board.

We will also see more use of Media in the effort I expect to see T.V. spots produced.


Had  lunch on Douglas today about 30 Blacks/Whites/Hispanics wow, talk about pissed off. I took the time to ask why the overwhelming dislike. The answer  in a nut shell was this group (not the group) feel that Kaplin works 1st and last for The Mayor not the district. Also if your Black or Hispanic do not bother to call.

Oh well interesting times

ARRG! I join up with Urban Pioneer Pirate time! Avast!




Never let it be said I am not willing to learn  or be willing to change my mind!


A Blogger called Urban Pioneer and I chatted about The Marnia and  the  issues with that and how may be wrong on some of my ideas.

He offered this idea, to hang out around the Lake front and lean more about what is going on  with all of that and see how this impacts the City and County.

He will take me out on his boat perhaps other boats make sure I get the best information on events going on and the many in this area, the State and those outside the State who use the Marina.

From even the little he was able to share (Due to time) with me, I knew I had a bit of Misinformation I was dealing with.

In return I agreed to pass along on this Blog information I received so a better understanding can be had by all.







It’s filed! Update!


Will Kaplan (Above) be recalled?

Got a call  at 8:00 PM The paperwork has all been filed and O.K.’ed by the City Clerk. This is  from one of the staff the the Recall group.

I was also told, that Folks are all ready signing the forms.  I have been invited to talk to others who are part of this on Saturday. I am planing to do so.

LOng long do you think it will take to get the numbers the Recall group need?

I wonder how much help from Mayor John Dickert will be forthcoming?

Who will be the next Alderman to face a Recall?

From the group 21:31


The 4thDistrict Recall Committee

    The Fourth District Recall Committee announces the first step in the official recall of Aldermen James Kaplan of the fourth district in Racine Wisconsin. On May 2, 2013, the official filing of the recall petition with the City Clerk was completed. The petition states, “abuse of power “the petition also stated  “Alderman Kaplan engaged in discriminatory practices in his capacity as alderman of the forth district. Oscar Bueno the petitioner stated ” I’ve watched all the business he’s closed and the problems my brother and other persons of color have trying to open a business in the 4th district, and decided something had to be done. Bueno also stated “I am not a candidate, but there are quite a few people interested in becoming an alderman for this district.”

   A signature drive is set up Saturday, May 4 at 12 noon meet at 1600 Douglas Ave

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