Is Jim Kaplin a Contol Freak?

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3 Responses to Is Jim Kaplin a Contol Freak?

  1. Jojo Mayer says:

    What a total moron.

    • Catch 22 says:

      I believe what Alderman Kaplan is doing is called “Steering” in the real estate business trying to persuade a potential buyer away from one property and into another puts them in violation of the Fair Housing Act. The penalties are severe. When you see a government representative do it, first you must question his motive,(Money, Position, Votes, etc.). Second, having the request pass the committee and then have it voted down at the Common Council, raises a whole new level of questions. Who owns the building now? Ald. Kaplan may look like a moron in this video, but I believe there is a whole another story attached to it.

  2. Jojo Mayer says:

    Yes, the bigger picture is, the individual wanting to purchase the buliding for his funeral home was black, and not part of the good ol boys club, also the building he wanted to purchase is across the street from Marsch Mereidith Funeral Home and Kaplan and the council couldn’t possibly create a competive business for Meredith. Such a sad disgusting way of life within city hall.

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