I was wrong!

Yes I was wrong and I admit it. Unlike say Mayor John Dickert I know I can be wrong and know  when I am I can say so and move on

What I was wrong on was the Reef point Marina and like I said on my Podcast today and an earlier post that I made a mistake I like to thank UP for his taking the time and explaining things to me that I did not understand, allowing me to follow up on info he gave me to learn more.

IMHO Jim Ladwig did the right thing to get Reefpoint and doing the right thing by investing it this and the upgrades planed so far.

Numbers do not lie.

Reef Point holds about 950 Slips rents run from about 1800 to about 2300. a year to rent, A good marketing effort should see about 50% rented this year or   say 600K brought in next year on I see 75% rented or about 700 rented at the same cost (Low balling rents based on size ect) for about 1 million brought in.

The profit will be reinvested in the Marina NOT shared with the City of Racine. so I see the county doing well on this investment.

I fully understand that a effort will be made to not only to bring in large craft but more local,area, State and outside Wisconsin Fishermen/Small pleasure craft to Racine launch fatalities. This money I understand goes to the City, there might be efforts to force the City to share or at least show where the money went.

Preventing   what IMHO I will call Mayor John Dickert lining his pals pockets and not benefiting the City of Racine as a whole.

Will spin off occur to help the Downtown? I do not know. I have been told that R.P. is doing more to work with the DNC. ( I hope that’s a two way street) so I guess some benefit will happen  how much I do not know.

I can also see opportunities for new businesses  around the Marina from repair to delivery.

Will this go smothly no  issues will happen, I however trust Mr. Ladwig more then Mayor John Dickert to fix them WITHOUT giving $$ to pals. I can also see Racine County seeing the other oppertunies that the City refuses to act on.

I did talk to the County Executive today about my fears and he was able to reasure me about them, as did the Marina Manager.

I will be removing my old postings to reflect my new thoughts on this issue.

Oh I am so get ripped because of this


Note Root River Pirates is in effect!

4 Responses to I was wrong!

  1. Glad to see you came around on this Ruin. The fact is the Shoreline out is County land and the shoreline in, is the City. But with DRC and Reef point working together things should improve. (Provided the overall economy improves). The fact is lots of those big luxury boats almost NEVER are out on the water…but the boat owners come from right here in downtown to Iowa and Oconomowoc and all over northern Illinois. Those folks spend money downtown. If we had a grocery store they’d buy their items from there. They often hang out on the boat all day..and then go to dinner or shopping or whatever. And most of them come back EVERY weekend. I can tell you this neither West Racine, Uptown or Regency Mall don’t offer that, and neither does anything on Douglas Ave.

    So for all of the critics of downtown; it IS a destination for some “tourists”, (and locals). No we are not Wis Dells or Door County….not yet anyways. We are not yet Traverse City, but if we embrace Racine county’s greatest recreational asset, (our lake frontage), we CAN become a Door County “Lite”. My own friends go down to the boat almost every Saturday and Sunday, and they live all over the area including many from Milwaukee who come to play…and they think Racine is beautiful!! I know once you look at Racine from the Lake inward you’ll agree. The fact is to get to the best part of Racine, you have to drive through the worst parts. If you approach by water it’s amazing!

    • I see this area of the State to be a draw to many from Fishermen to Dad/Mom/Kids spending time ion or near the Water.
      You and I have talked about my worries via The Mayor of Racine and other issues with City “Leadership”

      Like I said on my Podcast, Fishermen, from say Waterford to Iowa can be drawn to this area.

      Other industry can/should be encouraged I love to see a Biodiesel plant set up to provide that product. B-10/B-5 can go along way to find a use/Market to a local grown crop.

  2. Fisherman and their families and buddies are certainly great guests to have in Racine. Do not make the mistake to think of the impact of those “wealthy” yacht owners. more of them actually live within 10 miles of our harbor, and they spend far more $$ in our community, those are some of the folks that keep our local economy from being much worse. They are the folks who attend the fundraisers at the Zoo, and Wheaton, and buy the art at the auction every Labor Day weekend. They are the folks who hire the hire the locals to do everything from clean their boat, to detail cars, boats and housekeepers etc. Racine County has more billionaires than any other county in Wisconsin!! Pissing and moaning about them and trying to punish or mock them is not only counter-productive, it’s harmful to our entire economy.

    I understand some folks are less than pleased with Mayor Dickert, and some council members; but trying to beat up and beat down the entire city to serve the purpose of getting at those few members of the political leadership is not going to make anyone’s life better.

    I am a frequent critic, but I also try to posit changes to our council and local laws that’ll lower our tax obligations, and still provide a stable atmosphere for our city. The bottom line “Ruin” is more will happen by our INDIVIDUAL spending decisions than city hall can ever hope to effect. If you need to take your wife to dinner…go Spend your $$ at a locally owned establishment, whenever possible. You’ll have more impact with your own $30.00 bucks than the same $30.00 in taxes you pay on your home. The business owner, the chef, the server, the dishwasher, bartender etc. ALL of those people will benefit..and your $30.00 will ripple through our entire community, including a few bucks ending up in the tax coffers of the City, RUSD, County, State, and Feds.

    Nearly 60% of every dollar I collect in my business gets spent right back in our city, county and state. Good news our projected surplus at the state level is expected to be 500 Million dollars over the next 2 years…more income tax cuts with that money will leave more $$ in Wisconsin pockets…spend it locally and the good times could be just around the corner..regardless of who our Mayor is.. We the people are the true drivers of our own financial success or failures. .

  3. Jojo Mayer says:

    Regardless of who are mayor is? I beg to differ, we’ve never had a mayor SUE the residents of the city he supposedly represents for his personal legal bills.

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