The Siren Saids… Why care? My View NOT SAFE FOR WORK



Recall The Odyssey? The story where Odysseus helped the crew of his ship escape the call of the monsters? He had the crew plug their ears as he was tied to the mast, so he could here the song?

How he begged to  be untied so he could swim to them? If the crew would have done so  Odysseus we know was not untied and on the ship went.

What you may not know is this in Greek Myth the foul things die badly in some Hera kills them others, they kill themselves, after   Odysseus escapes. The Greeks liked a good bloody killing.

This is my  blog so its my myth.

In my Myth the Siren(s) is a bad Girl


You can see what happens in my myth to bad girls.

My question is who got our Bad girl


To sing for well a crony of Mayor John Dickert?

John Dickert

Was it Greg Helding


Who might have an interest in our Bad Girl in a interesting way


Even in my own Myth why  do we even care

Like Tinker Bell in Peter Pan if we quit believingmaybe she goes away or must resort to a Vibrator, what do you think? and why care?


The size she may need after all she is old and well used right?


As much as I hear folks bitch about the thing from …. why care. Why read what she or any other IMHO flake/Monster Mythical thing has to say? Are you that lacking in self esteem?

Take the time spent worrying and use it to Fight Mayor John Dickert!




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