Just when you thought ….. Last Cable Commision Meeting 4/15/13


Copied as on Minutes  (page gaps)

Read and ask yourself What is going on here?  A vendetta on Mr. Nelson? Will we read of his arrest?  Will we read of Mr. Nelson’s suing the City?

City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
City of Racine
Meeting Minutes – Final
Cable Television Commission
6:00 PM
City Hall, Room 301
Monday, April 15, 2013
Call To Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:00p.m. by Chairman Ron
Ron Thomas, Mayor John Dickert, Doug Davis, Alderman Ron Hart,
Alan Eubanks, Paul Ancona, Rob Krug, Larry Gregg, Alderman Ray
DeHahn, Mary Osterman and Dominic Kegel.
Walter Feldt was excused.
Ron Thomas declared that the commission will listen respectfully
and the public should use respect in return when speaking to the
commission. There will be no discussion of the complaints to the
ethics commission and each speaker is limited to three minutes. No
public comment.
Approval of Minutes for the January 21, 2013 Meeting
Minutes from January’s meeting were approved.
Page 1
City of Racine April 15, 2013
Cable Television Commission
Meeting Minutes – Final
Dominic Kegel reported that a lot of the programming so far is
similar to what it had been. Alderman DeHahn asked if the Chinese
subtitles would be translated to English.
Dominic reported that the Programming System shows had all been
removed. When a program is given to the station, it becomes
property of the city. Alderman Hart feels we need to persue a law
suit. Dominic reported that they were not deleted but removed and
Mayor Dickert asked how much time was spent to restore the
playlist. Dominic said the playlist for broadcast was empty. He
spent about 3 days rebuilding it. Mayor Dickert will talk with Paul,
his team and the city attorney about this.
Rob Krug asked Dominic some administrative questions.
Larry Gregg asked if the programs usually submitted on a DVD are
still there. Dominic said yes, but they were scattered all over the
Mary Osterman asked if it was possible that this piece of equipment
failed and caused this problem. Alan Eubanks answered No. This
has not happened before. There was no malfunction. The drive was
wiped clean.
Dominic has done four interviews. Currently there is no other staff.
He said he reached out to Scott Nelson but received no response.
Page 2
City of Racine

April 15, 2013
Cable Television Commission
Meeting Minutes – Final
Mayor Dickert said that Ben and Joe had already approached him
about the mission vision statement and putting benchmarks in
place. He is very pleased with their conversation. The commission
will receive contracts so we can start working hands on and moving
forward. Alderman Hart asked if the contract was public. Yes.
Alderman Dehahn said we need to look at programming. Do we
want more education, sports and things the public is interested in?
We may want to change to Channel 25 and leave CAR25. Ben from
Skies Fall said he wants to build structure to the station so it
withstands time, even if they are not here in the future.
Alderman Hart suggested we make a survey about what
programming the public wants to see. Discussed ways to do this
and introducing programs that are new to the station that the public
may not have thought to ask for.
Larry Gregg feels we need to define what the commission’s role is.
The defining of the mission vision statement is a good time
determine this. Mayor Dickert said we need working sessions to
define the work we will be doing.
Alderman Dehahn said he would like to see a monthly report of a
work log so we can give guidance. Dominic replied that he would
like to do a report to create synergy with the commission. He
handed out a report of his first two weeks work.
Osterman asked if the line item “cleaning” meant scrubbing or
organizing. Dominic replied it included both cleaning and
organizing. Alderman Hart asked about the professional services
line item. Mayor Dickert has federal level contacts for Ben’s
equipment needs.
Doug Davis asked if we inventoried all the equipment after the last
employees left. Paul Ancona said the cameras we purchased are
still there. Alderman Dehahn said there are some $5.00 programs
available for fill in programming.
Alderman Hart asked about advertising. Ben said they are not ready
yet. They want to make more of a professional presentation before
they start soliciting advertising. He said that when we stream on
line, Google Ads would be a source that no one could dispute. Krug
spoke about the station being self sustaining. He feels that selling
Page 3
City of Racine

April 15, 2013
Cable Television Commission
Meeting Minutes – Final
ads on internet streaming is a great way to generate revenue.
Larry Gregg went back to the subject of cleaning the station. He
feels we need to define who is going to clean the room. Ancona
said there is a process in place to request cleaning services.
Dominic wants us to come see the station. The decision was made
to have next month’s meeting at the CAR25 station. He also
reported he is hosting a producers meeting tomorrow evening at the
Police training room. He also said the station’s phone number
stayed the same and gave everyone his e-mail address.
Updated ordinance of Cable Commission Duties
Skies Fall Contract
Question and comments by Commission Members
Next Meeting Date
Monday, May 20, 2013, CAR25 Office, 800 Center Street room 313
Motion to adjourn by Alderman Dehahn, seconded by Doug Davis.
Meeting adjourned at 6:44pm
Page 4
City of Racine

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