The upcoming use of Fear My thoughts




OMG OMG OMG   Who will protect me?


Like I said yesterday. got messages about Pal’s of Kaplin’s    looking into the CCAP (Criminal History’s of the membership  of those working the Recall of Alderman Kaplin.   it politcal SOP to do this.  from a message itself I understand that Kin of the group will be looked at to, I talked a bit about that yesterday and I am of the belief beating up of kin of any group one may not like is not right and in this case, we would see the same coin played on supporters of Kaplin.  Tax records to be used as a boycott list are being used as I write this.  I do hope that this recall be kept to the issues.

Then why tell me? I can’t vote in this and I am the last one to care about someone’s past after all I too am a Felon and believe    that folks can change.I have.

Sadly as I see it the info will be used to create FEAR in the few White folks still living in the 4th concentrating the few older White Folks   who still do.  Hoping that they do not sign for the recall or vote for Kaplin if/when there is a recall.

In other words as I see this: Kaplin runs not on his record but on FEAR THE OTHER.  FEAR THE BLACK  GUY FEAR THE HISPANIC.  I am pal’s of the Mayor He and I will save you!

The recall group gets called angry From the J-T Story (—th-district-resident/article_c1463418-b436-11e2-8bd8-001a4bcf887a.html)  “They are not part of making a better Racine; they are just reaching out in anger.”    Of course Kaplin has talked about this before  From Racine Exposed   (

Council President Jim Kaplan says recently, online threats have been made against city leaders.

Kaplin has been asked to produce copies of the threats  so far to my understanding has yet to do so. Maybe because they do not exist?

Should the recall folks get the numbers needed and I think they will. Will those who signed get a visit from Kaplin? Others? So they (The signers) can be told how evil and all good WHITE/Christian know to fear anyone who may not want to do the right thing?


Am I now going to Hell?



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