4th District Recall update



As you see from the J-T story http://journaltimes.com/news/local/effort-to-recall-alderman-afoot—th-district-resident/article_c1463418-b436-11e2-8bd8-001a4bcf887a.html

The counter to the recall effort will be the history of some of the group trying to recall, and how evil they are  and only angry at the one true hero protecting his area.

I myself got messages about the CCAP of one on the group, and was told “they” (The pro Kaplin forces) will look at family  members to see what dirt can be dug up.

Well as I have herd local politics are the most vicious as I think this effort will prove, I think.

I do hope that I am wrong on this point because as I see it, this group (the recall group) is not playing and IMHO the same coin will be paid in return. We can and should keep this above board.

We will also see more use of Media in the effort I expect to see T.V. spots produced.


Had  lunch on Douglas today about 30 Blacks/Whites/Hispanics wow, talk about pissed off. I took the time to ask why the overwhelming dislike. The answer  in a nut shell was this group (not the group) feel that Kaplin works 1st and last for The Mayor not the district. Also if your Black or Hispanic do not bother to call.

Oh well interesting times

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